jueves, 20 de diciembre de 2018

La nueva ideología del Vaticano: Vatican Insider, Tornielli y Tosatti

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The Background of the Nomination of the New Vatican Editor-in-Chief

Marco Tosatti, a high-profile Catholic Vaticanista, has surprisingly welcomed the nomination of the journalist Andrea Tornielli as the Editor-in-Chief of the Vatican Secretariat for Communication, a promoter of religious modernism. Nevertheless, Marco Tosatti writes, "This appointment seems to me to be a positive thing."

Tornielli has been the editor of Vatican Insider, a webpage belonging to the Italian daily La Stampa which is owned by the leftwing oligarch Carlo De Benedetti. La Stampa is anti-Church but in favour of Pope Francis. Likewise, Tornielli turned Vatican Insider into a Francis mouthpiece. When Francis’ collusion with the McCarrick case was revealed Tornielli even claimed on Vatican Insider that – quote – "No, McCarrick did not have homosexual relations."

Nevertheless, Marco Tosatti believes that the appointment of Tornielli provides for – quote – "clarity in the field of information". The reason: Now, Tornielli will be able to proclaim openly what in recent years he did under the cover of an allegedly independent and impartial newspaper.

Marco Tosatti is a former collaborator of La Stampa and Vatican Insider. He also published the blog San Pietro e Dintorni that was connected to This blog was among those presented on the opening page of Vatican Insider. However, in autumn 2014 Tosatti noticed that the link to his blog was gone. This was during the Family Synod when Marco Tosatti offered information that differed from the official party line.

Marco Tosatti contacted Tornielli who told him that the blog had created problems with the Vatican Secretary of State who helped finding funds for Vatican Insider but was not happy with Marco Tosatti’s independent reporting. Tornielli assured him that this was no censure and that the link would eventually return but it never did. Later it was reported that Vatican Insider receives big money from the American Knights of Colombus.

Later Marco Tosatti proposed to Vatican Insider an article about the China-Vatican relation. He was refused with the argument that this topic was – quote – "too sensitive". This was the proof that Vatican Insider is not about information but about pushing the new Vatican ideology.