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Según el obispo Schneider, el Papa ha respondido a las Dubia. Otras noticias de Gloria TV


Obispo Athanasius Schneider entrevistado por Rorate Caeli con respecto a la llamada "Profesión de las verdades inmutables" y a la comunión para los "divorciados y vueltos a casar"

El obispo Athanasius Schneider, auxiliar de Astana, Kazajstán, y uno de los tres redactores originales de la Profesión de las Verdades Inmutables de esta semana en respuesta a Amoris Laetitia y la aprobación oficial del Papa Francisco concediendo la Sagrada Comunión a algunos católicos "divorciados y casados", participó una entrevista con Rorate Caeli después del lanzamiento del documento. 



RORATE CAELI (RC): Your Excellency has personally been out in front in terms of restoration of the traditional liturgy for many years. Now Your Excellency, Archbishop Peta and Archbishop Lenga have come out publicly, and forcibly, in defense of marriage in the aftermath of Amoris Laetitia. Why did the three of you decide now was the time to respond?

BISHOP ATHANASIUS SCHNEIDER (BAS): After the publication of Amoris Laetitia, several bishops and Bishops’ Conferences started to issue “pastoral” norms regarding the so-called “divorced and remarried”. One has to say that, for a Catholic, there is no divorce because a valid sacramental bond of a ratified and consumed marriage is absolutely indissoluble and even the bond of a natural marriage is per se indissoluble as well. Furthermore, for a Catholic, there is only one valid marriage being his legitimate spouse still alive. Therefore, one cannot speak of a “re-marriage” in this case.

The expression “divorced and remarried” is consequently deceptive and misleading. Since this expression is commonly known, we use it only in quotation marks and with the previous remark “so-called”. The mentioned pastoral norms regarding the so- called “divorced and remarried” -- norms masked with a rhetoric bordering on sophism -- foresee ultimately the admittance of the “divorced and remarried” to Holy Communion without the requirement of the indispensable and Divinely established condition that they may not violate their sacred marriage bond through their habitual sexual relationship with a person who is not their legitimate spouse. A certain peak has reached in this process of implicit recognition of divorce in the life of the Church, when Pope Francis ordered to publish in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis, his letter of approval of similar norms which issued the bishops of the Pastoral Region of Buenos Aires.

This act was followed by a declaration that this papal approval would belong to the authentic Magisterium of the Church. In view of such pastoral norms which contradict Divine Revelation with its absolute disapproval of divorce and contradict also the teaching and sacramental practice of the infallible Ordinary and Universal Magisterium of the Church, we were forced by our conscience, as successors of the Apostles, to raise our voice and to reiterate the immutable doctrine and practice of the Church regarding the indissolubility of the sacramental marriage.

RC: Has the Kazakh conference officially released an interpretation of Amoris Laetitia? Do they plan to do so, or does this letter mean that the conference believes Amoris Laetitia cannot be understood in an orthodox way or is in any way compatible with the Catechism and with Scripture and Tradition?

BAS: The text of the “Profession of truths” is not a document of the Bishop’s Conference of Kazakhstan, but a document only of those bishops who signed it. Our Bishop’s Conference considered it not necessary to issue pastoral norms as an interpretation of AL. Even though in our society the plague of divorce is widespread, a consequence of 70 years of Communist materialism, and we have also in our parishes cases of so-called “divorced and remarried”, yet the same “divorced and remarried” would not dare to ask to be admitted to Holy Communion, since the awareness and conscience of sin is, thanks be to God, very deep routed in the souls, and even in the civil society.

In our country people commit sin as elsewhere, but our people still acknowledge that sin is sin, and therefore for such sinners there is hope for conversion and Divine mercy. It would be for our people -- and even for the so-called “divorced and remarried” among them -- a kind of blasphemy to demand access to Holy Communion while continuing to cohabitate with a person who is not their legitimate spouse. Therefore, our Bishops’ Conference did not see the necessity to issue relevant norms.

RC: We’ve had the famous dubia sent to the Pope and a filial correction – mostly by laymen – sent as well. Neither have garnered a response. However, many feel Francis has already responded in a sense, when he officially endorsed the Buenos Aires bishops’ apparently heretical instruction to the divorced, remarried and still cohabitating. Should we still expect anything more from Francis on this matter?

BAS: The Buenos Aires bishops’ instructions do not express directly a heresy. Yet they allow, in individual cases, “divorced and remarried” people to receive Holy Communion in spite of the fact that they do not want to stop sexual relationships with their non-conjugal partner. In this case the mentioned pastoral instructions deny in practice, and hence indirectly, the Divinely revealed truth of the indissolubility of marriage. The sad circumstance is that the Pope approved such instructions. By this way the Pope gave, in my opinion, directly an answer to the first point and indirectly to the four other points of the dubia. We can only expect through our appeals, prayers and sacrifices, that Pope Francis may answer in a most unequivocal manner to the five points of the dubia according to the relevant teaching of the Ordinary and Universal infallible Magisterium.

RC: The threat to the Faithful has been clear, not only since Amoris Laetitia was promulgated, but just from the discussions alone at the synods. The confusion it has all caused cannot be questioned. However, much like the usefulness of Humanae Vitae was lessoned due to how long it took for it to be published, is all this now too late to stop the damage, especially when the Pope has now officially given permission for some divorced and remarried to receive Holy Communion?

BAS: We have to bear in mind that the Church is not in our hands, and not even in the hands of the Pope, but in the almighty hands of Christ, and therefore we cannot say that all this is now too late to stop the damage. We can also apply the following affirmation of Saint Paul to our situation inside the Church: “Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more” (Rom. 5:20). God had permitted this current extraordinary doctrinal and moral confusion in the Church for the aim that, after this crisis, the truth will shine brighter and the Church will become spiritually more beautiful, especially in the married couples, in the families and in the popes.

RC: We have heard now, for over a year, that a formal correction coming from the cardinals is imminent, yet nothing has happened. What do you believe is the hold up?

BAS: In the face of the current temporal and partial eclipse of the function of the Papal Magisterium concerning concretely the defense and practical enforcement of the indissolubility the marriage, the members of the episcopal and of the cardinalitial colleges have to assist the Pope in this Magisterial duty through public professions of the immutable truths which the Ordinary and Universal Magisterium -- that means what all the Popes and the entire episcopate during all times - have taught concerning the doctrine and the sacramental practice of the marriage.

RC: If a formal correction is made by a number of cardinals, and Francis continues to officially approve of bishops’ conferences giving Holy Communion to some divorced and remarried, then what?

BAS: There exists the following principle of the traditional Catholic doctrine since the first centuries: “Prima sedes a nemine iudicatur”, i.e., the first episcopal chair in the Church (the chair of the Pope) cannot be judged by anybody. When bishops remind the Pope respectfully of the immutable truth and discipline of the church, they don’t judge hereby the first chair of the Church, instead they behave themselves as colleagues and brothers of the Pope. The attitude of the bishops towards the Pope has to be collegial, fraternal, not servile and always supernaturally respectful, as it stressed the Second Vatican Council (especially in the documents Lumen gentium and Christus Dominus). One has to continue to profess the immutable faith and pray still more for the Pope and, then, only God can intervene and He will do this unquestionably.

RC: For the typical Catholic, who goes to Mass but maybe doesn’t follow the politics of the Church like Rorate readers do, the casual Catholics whom hear the Supreme Pontiff saying numerous confusing things over the past few years, things that appear contrary (hopefully) to what they’ve been taught their entire lives, what does Your Excellency say to them? And how do serious Catholics push back when, at every turn, they’re asked by modernists if they think they’re “more Catholic than the Pope”?

BAS: First, these faithful have to continue to read and study the immutable Catechism, and especially the great doctrinal documents of the Church. Such documents are theme here, e.g., the Decrees of the Councils of Trent about the sacraments; the encyclicals Pascendi from Pius X.; Casti connubii from Pius XI; Humani generis from Pius XII; Humanae vitae from Paul VI; the Credo of the People of God from Paul VI; the encyclical Veritatis splendor from John Paul II; and his Apostolic Exhortation Familiaris consortio. These documents do not reflect a personal and short-lived meaning of a Pope or of a pastoral synod. Instead, these documents reflect and reproduce the infallible Ordinary and Universal Magisterium of the Church.

Second, they have to bear in mind that the Pope is not the creator of the truth, of the faith and of the sacramental discipline of the Church. The Pope and the entire Magisterium “is not above the Word of God, but serves it, teaching only what has been handed on” (Second Vatican Council, Dei Verbum, 10). The First Vatican Council taught that the charism of the ministry of the successors of Peter “does not mean that they might make known some new doctrine, but that, by the assistance of the Holy Spirit, they might religiously guard and faithfully expound the revelation or deposit of faith transmitted by the apostles” (Pastor aeternus, chap. 4).

Third, the Pope cannot be the focal point of the daily life of the faith of a Catholic faithful. The focal point must instead be Christ. Otherwise, we become victims of an insane pope-centrism or of a kind of popalatry, an attitude which is alien to the tradition of the Apostles, of the Church Fathers and of the greater tradition of the Church. The so called “ultramontanism” of the 19th and 20th centuries reached its peak in our days and created an insane pope-centrism and popolatry. To mention just an example: There had been in Rome in the end of the 19th century a famous Monsignor who led different pilgrim groups to the Papal audiences. Before he let them enter to see and hear the Pope, he said to them: “Listen carefully to the infallible words which will come out of the mouth of the Vicar of Christ”. Surely such an attitude is a pure caricature of the Petrine ministry and contrary to the doctrine of the Church. Nevertheless, even in our days, not so few Catholics, priests and bishops show substantially the same caricatural attitude towards the sacred ministry of the successor of Peter.

The true attitude towards the Pope according to the Catholic tradition has to be always with sane moderation, with intelligence, with logic, with common sense, with the spirit of faith and of course, also, with heartfelt devotion. Yet there has to be a balanced synthesis of all these characteristics. We hope that after the current crisis the Church will reach a more balanced and sane attitude towards the person of the Pope and toward his sacred and indispensable ministry in the Church.

"El documento de los obispos de Kazajistán no es una simple profesión de fe sino una corrección real de las ambigüedades y errores contenidos en Amoris Laetitia", según Aldo María Valli

Duración 2:46 minutos

Doctrine in an Air Raid Shelter: Sandro Magister notices on his blog that no one listens to Pope Francis when he makes pro-life or pro-family statements. Magister believes that Francis is “perfectly content” with this. According to Magister, Francis speaks about pro-life or pro-family issues in the places and moments most sheltered from attack. But when the political battle is raging he remains silent. Magister comments, “Francis preserves the Church’s traditional doctrine this way, as in an air raid shelter.”

Restaurant Atmosphere: Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe has turned his cathedral into a big and noisy pizzeria in order to feed – quotation marks - “the poor”. 600 people were served different types of pizza, traditional sandwiches and milk products. The food was prepared on the yard of the cathedral. The lunch was served by Cardinal Sepe, priests, nuns and seminarians. It was accompanied by classic Neapolitan songs in the background creating a restaurant atmosphere in the cathedral.

Resistance Bishops: On December 31, three Kazakhstan bishops issued a statement against Pope Francis’ wish to distribute Communion to adulterers. They are Astana Archbishop Tomasz Peta, Retired Karaganda Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga, and Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider. On January 2, two Italian archbishops have joined the group, the former nuncio in the U.S., Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, and Retired Archbishop Luigi Negri of Ferrara, Italy.

A true Correction: The very moderate Italian journalist Aldo Maria Valli writes that Pope Francis will not be able to ignore the document of the Kazakhstan bishops because this is not simply a profession of faith, but a real correction. Quote, “It is in fact a correction of the errors and ambiguities contained in Amoris Laetitia."

2018: Año de los homosexuales (Michael Voris)

Duración 7:29 minutos


2018 is already shaping up to be "The Year of the Gay" in the Church, and we are barely a few hours into it. From that horrific so-called Nativity display in St. Peter's Square, complete with a practically naked, buffed-up so-called homeless guy and various other "gay-themed" displays woven throughout it, to the coming out in Mass during his homily a couple weeks ago of Milwaukee archdiocesan priest Fr. Gregory Greiten greeted with a standing ovation from the parishioners and the fawning public approval of his archbishop Jerome Listecki - -

to the news reports that the man many consider the second most powerful man in Rome - Cardinal Maradiaga - has been protecting a close bishop back in Honduras who has embezzled huge sums of money to keep up his flamboyant and extravagant gay lifestyle - -

not to mention the constant gay drum being pounded non-stop in the background by Fr. James Martin - yep 2018 sure feels like the year that the gay mafia is gonna’ hit the motherlode in the Church.

Still think there’s not a homosexual clergy problem in the Church?

And now - so open and so bold has the homomafia in the Church become that they can openly refute not just Church teaching in the realm of sexual morality - but ANY teaching they can use to promote their evil.

Latest example - Arthur Fitzmaurice - one of the leading lights of the extremely effeminate feminized clique in the Church.

This man has been allowed to say anything he wants at Catholic events that flat-out deny Church teaching.

He has been a regular invitee at the abominable Los Angeles archdiocesan Religious Education Congress - also known as REC.

Last year at the REC - he sponsored a talk on how the Church needs to accept and welcome transgenderism - you know - the mental illness where you convince yourself you are the opposite sex.

He did so the previous year as well - all with the approval of Archbishop Jose Gomez - who is much more interested in immigration reform than perverted doctrine flowing from the stage at his conference.

Well - look at what Fitzmaurice tweeted out about Our Blessed Mother on December 8 - the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception :
Jesus immersed Himself among the sinful. God is bigger than sin! With due respect to those who choose to believe in human doctrines not taught by Jesus, we don’t need to believe that Mary was sinless in order to believe Jesus was not conquered by sin #ImmaculateConception #Advent
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles also included his tweet on its own website in the part reserved for gay stuff.

The whole gay thing going on in the Church - from approval by bishops, to the swarm of gay priests infesting parishes and schools, to the speakers’ circuit populated by professional perverts - the whole thing is aimed at destroying - destroying the Church because it stands there like a rock condemning their consciences which are filled with rage.

They will stop at nothing to destroy - from raping altar boys to perverting doctrine to covering up for one another to theft and embezzlement to promoting each other to keep the attacks going - absolutely nothing is off limits to this crowd.

And all the while - Church leaders are at least silent and complicit at worst.

Consider how many billions of dollars you have put in the plate that have been used to pay for this perversion - and not just the homosexual clergy sex abuse payouts - but the salaries to keep these men in place, the expensive tuition bills and travel for their bishops to send them to Rome to get a fancy degree so they can come back and give an intellectual spin to their perversion of the Faith.

The Church needs to be purged of this evil - and those men who allow it to continue will pay with their souls in the fires of hell for eternity.

Right now - given the emasculation of the culture - there are huge numbers of young men who are confused about their sexual identity - they don’t know what it means to be a man - and they are being exposed to these perverts in collars and miters who are preying on them - setting them up to ensnare them in their own evil.

That the bishops would be going on non-stop about Trump and the DACA program while this sinister business is taking place right in their own parishes, at their own conferences, heck - on their own websites will not go well for them at their judgments.

Lay people are gonna have to be the ones to call this out and demand change - and withhold your money which helps fuel this gay juggernaut.

After all - it’s your young men that this whole movement wants - your sons and grandsons.

It wants them not only for sex, but also to accept and welcome homosexuality as something perfectly fine - it wants their intellects deadened against it so all manner of evil can be accepted as well.

It’s been subtle - sort of - up to now. But wait for the lid to blow off all this in 2018.

The leadership of the Church in America is unable to respond because too much of the leadership is either threatened by this homomafia - or are actually gay themselves.

And if you think the gay mafia which runs the Vatican right now is gonna’ be of any help - well just remember the so-called Nativity scene - where the Holy Family was almost an afterthought.

Michael Voris

Sobre los obispos de Kazajistán. Ideas que se me pasan por la mente al ver lo que veo (José Martí)

Teniendo en cuenta la conocida noticia que podemos ver reflejada en este artículo de Dominus est del 2 de diciembre de 2017, titulado:   ÚLTIMA HORA. El Papa declara inquietante interpretación de ‘Amoris Laetitia’ como ‘Auténtico Magisterioestos valientes obispos (tres en principio y ahora cinco) lo único que han hecho ha sido una profesión de fe acerca de las verdades inmutables sobre el matrimonio, las cuales no dependen ni de sínodos ni de exhortaciones apostólicas ni de nada que se le parezca, por mucha autoridad "magisterial" que se les quiera conceder a esas reuniones y a esos documentos fabricados.

No existe tal "auténtico Magisterio" desde el momento en que se rechaza el Magisterio anterior y se niega una verdad revelada expresamente por Jesucristo, el fundador de la única y verdadera Iglesia, que es la Iglesia católica. No se trata de actuar contra el Papa, sino de decir la verdad a los fieles católicos, muchos de los cuales están sumidos en una gran confusión, a la vista de los acontecimientos que se están dando hoy en la Iglesia ... y que jamás pensábamos que tales sucesos pudieran también ocurrirnos a los católicos. 

En Amoris Laetitia, por más que se hable de acompañar y cosas similares, se está mintiendo descaradamente. El Papa sacó AL a la luz en abril de 2016 (aunque la firma es del 19 de marzo de 2016) y lo que dijo fue cosa suya personal, no reflejando lo que se dijo, de verdad, en el Sínodo último de octubre de 2015 (Por cierto, la AL ya estaba redactada, en sus puntos más importantes, desde hacía diez años, por Tucho Fernández, gran amigo de Francisco).

Todo lo dicho acerca de la colegialidad y de la participación de la Curia en las decisiones fundamentales que se tomen en la Iglesia, con vistas a su verdadero crecimiento, no es más que pura farsa: la realidad confirma estas palabras ... pues lo cierto y verdad es que sólo se ha hecho - y se sigue haciendo- aquello que Francisco quiere que se haga. La voluntad de Francisco y las famosas "sorpresas del espíritu" son lo mismo. Y no hay más, aunque son muchos los que no se dan por enterados.

Tengamos en cuenta que la caridad no miente jamás.Y, sin embargo, bajo visos de caridad, comprensión y misericordia, se está engañando vilmente a los fieles, haciéndoles creer que no existen verdades absolutas, que lo que realmente importa es la "conciencia" personal de cada uno. Se dice que todos estamos salvados porque Dios es misericordioso, olvidando que es igualmente justo. Justicia y Misericordia son en Él la misma cosa. Y podríamos seguir. Todo esto es falso ... ¡y lo sabemos! ... a menos que hayamos perdido la fe en las palabras de Jesús, quien dijo de Sí mismo: "Yo soy la Verdad" (Jn 14, 6). 

El documento de AL contiene bastantes mentiras encerradas y no es conforme al Magisterio anterior de la Iglesia sino que supone una ruptura con la enseñanza de la Iglesia desde que ésta fue fundada hace dos mil años. Lo que se dice en AL (en bastantes puntos) es completamente opuesto a las enseñanzas de Jesucristo sobre el matrimonio ... de manera que es falso, por muchas palabras "bonitas" con las que se encuentre adornada esta "exhortación" que la hagan aparecer como buena ... e incluso como si se tratase de algo dogmático que hay que creer a pie juntillas. No es así. 

Si Amoris Laetitia se ratifica como Magisterio sería entonces Magisterio de una Iglesia nueva y distinta de la Iglesia católica

No sería Magisterio de la Iglesia de siempre. No es la verdad sino la mentira la que se estaría difundiendo, lo cual, por desgracia, es ya una realidad, en muchos lugares del mundo.

Los tres obispos de Kazajistán, a los que se han sumado otros dos, se han limitado a decir lo que la Iglesia siempre ha dicho. Se han visto en la obligación de hacerlo pues tienen que rendir cuentas a Dios acerca del rebaño que les ha sido encomendado. Y no pueden consentir que la mentira se apodere de la Iglesia, destruyéndola, como así está ocurriendo. La pena es que se hayan ralentizado tanto y que no se hayan manifestado antes con esta claridad, pero mejor tarde que nunca. 

Yo tengo la esperanza de que se ratifiquen muchos más obispos y cardenales y que suscriban esta profesión de fe de los obispos kazajos. Y de manera especial, estoy ansioso de que llegue ya la corrección formal de los dos cardenales de las Dubia que aún quedan vivos: Burke y Brandmüller. Este último se ha expresado hace poco de modo muy claro, en el mismo sentido que estos obispos

¡La corrección FORMAL es muy importante que se haga ya,sin dilatar más la cuestión! ... pues Francisco está reformando la Curia de modo tal que en ella van desapareciendo, paulatinamente, aquellos Cardenales que no estén conformes con las directrices progresistas y modernistas que el papa Francisco tiene en su mente.

El cisma ya existe en la Iglesia. Sólo falta que se haga formal. Y que entonces la gente sepa a qué atenerse, porque lo que está en juego es nada menos que la salvación eterna. Esto no se puede tomar a broma. ¿Por qué se habla tanto de salvar la unidad si tal unidad no existe realmente? La verdad es la que debe ser salvada, para que los fieles tengan que definirse necesariamente en un sentido o en otro. 

Ruego a Dios que ilumine a estos dos cardenales (y a muchos otros que permanecen en silencio, por miedo a ser señalados o a perder su cargo), para que manifiesten la Verdad y corrijan a Francisco acerca de la herejía que quiere introducir en la Iglesia a toda costa ... pues, además, ése no sería sino el primer paso en el proceso de demolición paulatina de lo que todavía queda de la Iglesia, la cual quedaría reducida entonces a muy pocos; pero no importa, porque esos pocos serían aquéllos que no se han dejado seducir por la mentira.

Nuestra Madre del Cielo, la Virgen María, no puede dejarnos solos. De hecho, está continuamente intercediendo por nosotros, pero somos tozudos y no nos lo acabamos de creer. Ese es el gran problema del mundo y de la misma Iglesia: la pérdida de la fe en lo sobrenatural

Ésta es la fe de la Iglesia y la que tenemos que pedir a la Virgen que nos la mantenga y aumente, si ya la poseemos, por gracia; o bien que nos la conceda si la hemos perdido o nunca la hemos tenido, porque no hay otro camino para la salvación: "Ésta es la victoria que vence al mundo: nuestra fe" (1 Jn 5, 4)

José Martí