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Francis Gives an Interview: "I Am Conservative"

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Francis Gives an Interview: "I Am Conservative"

On Tuesday, the Mexican TV station "Televisa" published an interview with Pope Francis. For the first time in 270 days, Francis finally commented on the scandal brought to light by Archbishop Viganò. Francis, who has kept silent all this time, suddenly affirmed having - quote - "repeated several times" that he knew nothing about McCarrick. However, in summer 2018 Viganò credibly declared that five years earlier he had personally informed Francis about the scandal. Now, Francis simply pretended not to remember Viganò's explosive information.

Escape into the semi-darkness in lieu of clear answers

Televisa confronted Francis with two more scandals. The first was a January 2015 private audience for Diego Neria Lejarraga, a female Spaniard who poses as a man and lives with another woman. Afterwards, Neria declared that Francis had encouraged her on her wrong path. The second scandal was an April 2014 phone conversation with an Argentinean adulteress who afterwards said Francis had "allowed" her to receive Communion. Both declarations were not denied by Francis. Instead, he replied with an ambiguous statement - quote: "Sometimes people say, excited to have been received, more than the Pope has really said." Regarding the conversation with the adulteress, Francis put forward a memory gap declaring that he must have told her: "Look, Amoris Laetitia says what you have to do." But Amoris Laetitia wasn't published until two years later.

USA wall/Berlin wall

Francis compared the USA's efforts to protect their borders and curb illegal immigration with the Berlin Wall, which - vice versa - was built to prevent Germans from fleeing not from entering the communist GDR. Francis, who otherwise is well-disposed towards communists and ex-communists, complained that the Berlin Wall caused considerable headaches and suffering. On the basis of his misrepresentation of history, he insisted that people do things that would not even cross an animal's mind: to fall twice into the same hole.

Francis describes himself as "conservative"

Televista asked Francis why he was considered a "conservative" in Argentina, but as a Pope runs on the modernist track. His answer: "I am conservative." The correct answer would have been: It is the rule with Church prelates that they adapt to the Church's general political climate. Bergoglio owes his career to conservative popes and therefore adapted to them. His present career as the favorite pope of the journalists he owes to the media bosses, to whom he now offers his services. Therefore, the "conservatism" of these prelates strictly refers to the conservation of power.

Francisco ataca a los firmantes de carta que prueba que él es un hereje

El papa Francisco toma “con sentido del humor” la acusación que él es [supuestamente] un hereje, dijo el 28 de mayo a la emisora mexicana Televisa.

La acusación de herejía fue dirigida directamente contra él por la Carta de Abril de más de ochenta eruditos cuyas exhortaciones y súplicas Francisco ha dejado de lado durante años.

Pero ahora él declara graciosamente que la carta no lo “lastimó”, a diferencia de la “hipocresía y mentiras”.

Pero después Francisco perdió rápidamente su gracia y agravió a los firmantes como “equivocados”, “pobres personas” y “manipulados”. Así evitó contestar sus argumentos.