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THE POPE AND SODOMY Time is running out (Michael Voris)

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Has it appeared "odd" to anyone else that there are so many promoters of sodomy around Pope Francis? Hardly a week goes by where some outlandish gay thing after another fails to make an appearance in some manner, shape or form — from reports of the gay orgy in the apartment of Cdl. (Francesco) Coccopalmerio's assistant near the end of last year to Abp. (Vincenzo) Paglia's homoerotic painting to the gay-themed Nativity set in St. Peter's Square to gay cheerleaders Fr. James Martin and Fr. Thomas Rosica's special jobs in the Vatican bureaucracy to a very gay-friendly company running aspects of the Vatican's communications apparatus to the infamous line in the Synod on the Family's 2014 Midterm Relatio that homosexuals have certain gifts and qualities, an idea sneaked into the document by Abp. Bruno Forte, known to be extremely gay-friendly. It's so much, people are wondering when the Dome of St. Peter's is going to be painted pink. And believe us when we say those examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

The ascendancy of the homosexual clerical culture really took off in Rome and other quarters of the Church decades ago — slowly at first but then has picked up steam. Pope Benedict even admitted recently that he had encountered a group of four or five homosexual cardinals he had to deal with.

Pope Francis at the beginning of his pontificate created international headlines when he admitted privately there was a gay lobby inside the Vatican. Of course, many people became very concerned when the Holy Father appointed Msgr. Battista Ricca to head up the Vatican Bank. Ricca was reported to have carried on a gay relationship with a captain in the Swiss guard during his time in Uruguay — so notorious in fact that clergy there appealed to the Vatican to have him removed. It was Battista, as a sidebar, that Pope Francis was talking about back in 2013 when he gave his well-documented comment, "Who am I to judge?"

It's also important to note that privately various orthodox types in the Vatican and Rome are expressing deep concern that homosexual practice in the Vatican "has never been worse," as recorded this past summer in multiple news reports. The Vatican has been overrun by a gay culture which promotes its own kind from within. The great danger, here, is of course that active gay clergy or those who support it cannot be transmitters of the authentic faith. They are living lives or supporting others who live these lives which run in complete contradiction to the tenets of Catholicism, yet they seem to have control over practically everything in the Church. And it has a supporting or trickle-down effect throughout the Church.

For example, in next months, virtually heretical Religious Education Congress — sponsored by Los Angeles Abp. Jose Gomez — one pro-homosexualist after another dot the lineup of invited speakers. Privately, here in the United States, priests will tell you that a gay mob runs practically every level of the Church which we have ample proof of in Cdl. Timothy Dolan's archdiocese of New York. Last month, a homosexual priest came out to his parish at Sunday Mass in the archdiocese of Milwaukee, and Abp. Jerome Listecki praised him and said Catholics should support him.

Father James Martin is allowed to openly lie about Church teaching in parish after parish and diocese after diocese, and practically no one in the hierarchy says a word. In fact just the opposite, they come out and support him and even one-up him in their assaults against the Faith, saying gay couples can receive Holy Communion as Cdl. Blase Cupich did in Chicago or that we can just ignore all that sin stuff and have a pilgrimage for gays like Cdl. Joseph Tobin did in Newark, New Jersey. And on the other side of the Atlantic, Cdl. Reinhard Marx has come out publicly and said the Church should begin blessing same-sex unions, something Abp. Johan Bonny of Antwerp, Belgium, had already called for a couple of years ago.

All over the Church in the West calls for the embracing of sodomy from the hierarchy are accelerating and increasing in volume. They style it as respect and compassion and human rights etc. But what is at the heart of this is sodomy, plain and simple? Nobody is saying that people struggling with their crosses, whatever type of cross they have, should be treated in any other way than with compassion and respect. Of course they should. It even says that in the catechism. But it is a bridge too far to call on Catholics to accept the sin, thinly veiling it as love when it is anything but love. Call it what it is, it's sodomy. And these bishops and cardinals cannot support what they claim to support without also supporting that.

These gay unions that they want to bless, uplift and support are unions centered around the belief that sodomy is a perfectly legitimate expression of their feelings of love for each other. At some point, reasonable minds have to pose the question: is the reason so many prelates and cardinals are pushing so hard for something that affects so few people because they are homosexuals themselves? Seriously, if Martians landed on earth tomorrow, they would think the Church was the gay rights lobby in robes. It's practically all they ever go on about.

These men are sowing confusion and error in the hearts and minds of the faithful, as well as promoting an evil agenda which the world embraces, and they are using or rather abusing their authority and influence to do so. They need to repent of their wickedness before they die or hellfire awaits them. And they need to publicly admit the horrible circumstances in to which they have placed many souls, pushing them to the precipice of Hell.

What the laity have to understand is this simple fact as hard as it is, maybe, and as unpleasant it is to think about it; these men hate the Church, even while they claim to love it. They hate the Truth because it convicts them and their consciences and exposes the evil that they harbor. And they hide all this evil and contempt and scorn for the Church under cries and appeals for compassion and kindness, something they are unwilling to extend to souls who actually need it.

They have found in Pope Francis, who cares about mercy, even to the point of allowing confusion to foster, a man whose strings they can easily tug, using that "mercy" argument to hide their real agenda which is an overthrow of the Church. A final warning to them since they have no supernatural faith — and you cannot have supernatural faith and behave like this — they are incapable of seeing the Church in a supernatural way. To them, it is a merely human institution that can be altered and refashioned according to the whims of mere humans. But the Church is not merely human. It is a joining, a mysterious union between God and man, and as such it belongs to God.

He will not allow this to continue much longer because the rabid gays in the Church are now touching sacred things, wanting to declare that which is evil, good, and that which is good, evil. When Our Blessed Lord sets about to offer correction, it's usually a fearsome prospect.

Michael Voris


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¿Nos enfrentamos con un papa mentiroso? (Marco Tosatti)


The excellent journalist Marco Tosatti
has listed on his blog four instances in which Pope Francis has palpably lied in public. Tosatti says that this is – quote – “at least for me, a motive of great sadness.”

The most recent case is when Pope Francis commented on the question whether Bishop Barros of Osorno knew about the homosexual abuses of the Chilean Father Fernando Karadima. Francis said that possible witnesses did not show up while he was visiting in Chile. But according to Tosatti, the witnesses had asked to meet Francis but he did not receive them, meeting instead with other presumable victims.

Tosatti remembers another case when Pope Francis claimed that he does not fire anybody without having heard the person. However when the late Bishop Rogelio Livieres Plano of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, was removed from his position, he spent two weeks in Rome asking for a meeting with Francis. His efforts were in vain.

Tosatti then recalls when Francis fired three collaborators of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, against the will of then Prefect Cardinal Müller. Asked about the case, Francis replied referring to one of them, “Yes, the director of the disciplinary office of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has changed, he was excellent but a bit tired and he returned to his country to do the same job for the bishops there.” But Tosatti says that this monsignor was neither tired nor did he wish to return to his country.

Another lie Francis told Cardinal Müller when he fired him with the excuse that he did not want to keep anybody in any function longer than five years. Since then Francis has broken this alleged new rule many times, especially to prolong the service of liberal and anti-Catholic prelates.


El excelente periodista Marco Tosatti ha enumerado en su blog cuatro ejemplos en los que el Papa Francisco ha mentido palpablemente en público. Tosatti dice que esto es - cito - "al menos para mí, un motivo de gran tristeza".

El caso más reciente es cuando el Papa Francisco comentó sobre la pregunta de si el Obispo Barros de Osorno sabía sobre los abusos homosexuales del padre chileno Fernando Karadima. Francisco dijo que los posibles testigos no aparecieron mientras visitaba Chile. Sin embargo, según Tosatti, los testigos habían pedido encontrarse con Francisco y él no los recibió, encontrándose -en cambio- con otras víctimas presumibles.

Tosatti recuerda otro caso cuando el Papa Francisco afirmó que no despidió a nadie sin haber oído antes a la persona. Sin embargo, cuando el difunto Obispo Rogelio Livières (Plano de Ciudad del Este, Paraguay), fue removido de su puesto, pasó dos semanas en Roma pidiendo una reunión con Francisco. Sus esfuerzos fueron en vano.

Tosatti luego recuerda cuando Francisco despidió a tres colaboradores de la Congregación para la Doctrina de la Fe, contra la voluntad del entonces prefecto cardenal Müller. Cuando se le preguntó sobre el caso, Francisco respondió, refiriéndose a uno de ellos: "Sí, el director de la oficina disciplinaria de la Congregación para la Doctrina de la Fe ha cambiado. Era excelente pero estaba un poco cansado y regresó a su país para hacer el el mismo trabajo para los obispos allí." Pero Tosatti dice que este monseñor no estaba cansado ni deseaba regresar a su país.

Otra mentira: Francisco le dijo al cardenal Müller cuando lo despidió alegando la excusa de que no quería mantener a nadie en ninguna función más de cinco años. Desde entonces, Francisco ha roto esta supuesta nueva regla muchas veces, especialmente para prolongar el servicio de los prelados liberales y anticatólicos.

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El País necesita con urgencia volver a catequesis (Carlos Esteban)

Titulaba El País el viernes una información asegurando que ‘La Iglesia portuguesa pide abstinencia sexual a los divorciados’ y uno se pregunta qué pasaría si los redactores de Ciencia o Internacional desplegaran orgullosos tan abismal grado de ignorancia.

El problema de un país, el nuestro, cuya esencia durante siglos ha sido el catolicismo y que lo abandona masivamente, especialmente en sus élites, no es meramente que pase a desconocerlo, sino que lo ignora pero aún pretende ser experto en el asunto. Cuando los medios convencionales informan sobre la Iglesia, no lo hacen con la honradez curiosa de quien va a tratar sobre un culto ajeno y más o menos exótico, del que esforzarse por aprender los fundamentos, sino como quien cree conocerlo recurriendo al nebuloso recuerdo de la catequesis infantil o, peor, las groseras consignas de sus enemigos.

La Iglesia portuguesa -una expresión quizá abusiva, porque no es una confesión aparte como la Iglesia de Inglaterra, sino parte integral de la única Iglesia Católica-, naturalmente, no “pide la abstinencia a los divorciados”, sino que se limita a recordar la perogrullada de que el adulterio sigue siendo un pecado. Y, siendo el matrimonio para el católico indisoluble, un divorciado permanece tan casado como si no se hubiera divorciado.

Tampoco, naturalmente, es cosa de la ‘Iglesia portuguesa’, sino de la universal; y no para hoy, sino para lo que dure la Historia. El titular, por tanto, es la perfecta definición de una ‘no noticia’, como si anunciara que ‘El Rabino Mayor de Vilna pide a los judíos de Lituania que se abstengan de comer cerdo’.

Lo que ha hecho el Patriarca de Lisboa, Cardenal Manuel Clemente, ha sido recordar a sus fieles que los católicos divorciados que contraen un nuevo matrimonio civil están viviendo en adulterio salvo que se propongan vivir “como hermano y hermana”.

Nihil novum sub sole, lo de siempre, lo de cajón. Pero, sigue El País, su “recomendación parroquial ha soliviantado a algunos y ha dividido a los teólogos; unos opinan que el cardenal Manuel Clemente no ha hecho más que aplicar la doctrina del Papa, otros creen que el Patriarca no sabe lo que encarna el “matrimonio” y otros se inclinan por el pragmatismo: hagan lo que quieran que para eso existe el sacramento de la confesión”.

Hombre, no, el sacramento de la confesión no existe “para eso”. Hay un requisito llamado “propósito de la enmienda”, pero eso ustedes ya lo saben.

Lo curioso es que, de creer al ‘diario de referencia’, la doctrina de siempre, la que no solo se ha mantenido invariable desde el principio sino que se deduce implacable de la naturaleza misma del matrimonio sacramental, pueda “soliviantar” a nadie. Los no católicos no tienen nada que decir sobre nuestras pintorescas creencias, que para eso están fuera; y a los católicos no se les dice nada nuevo ni particularmente portugués.

Pero esperen, que aún hay más: “La tradición católica expulsaba de la Iglesia a los divorciados, pero en 2016 el Papa Francisco abrió la posibilidad de integrar a los descarriados en su doctrina Amoris laetitia”. ¿Cómo, cómo, cómo? La Iglesia, que se define como “hospital de pecadores”, naturalmente, no ha expulsado nunca a los divorciados, como no expulsa a asesinos, ladrones, difamadores o pecadores de cualquier especie. Si no poder acceder a la Eucaristía se entiende como “ser expulsado de la Iglesia”, tenemos un problema muy serio de comprensión lectora.

No querría aburrir al lector recordándole que para recibir la Eucaristía sin cometer sacrilegio hay que estar en gracia, pero ahí lo dejo por el albur de que me lea algún redactor de Prisa.

Que toda esta sarta de malentendidos y perogrulladas se conviertan en ‘noticia’ para el diario de referencia es, cierto, debido a la ignorancia arrogante y al sesgo malicioso. Pero sería ingenuo no reconocer que el periodista cuenta, como aliada de su desconocimiento y mala fe, con la confusión provocada por las contradictorias interpretaciones a que ha dado lugar la exhortación papal sobre matrimonio y familia Amoris Laetitia.

No vemos otra salida que recordar, con nueva claridad y firmeza, lo que ha sido obvio durante siglos. Porque si el divorciado y vuelto a casar que hace vida marital puede comulgar, eso significa que la Eucaristía puede recibirse en pecado mortal, o que el adulterio no es pecado, o que el matrimonio no es indisoluble. Elijan ustedes.

Eso es lo que convierte en noticia -esta sí, de primera- el empecinado silencio de la Santa Sede a las Dubia canónicamente planteadas por cuatro cardenales, dos de los cuales han muerto esperando una respuesta. Un silencio inexplicable que, lejos de resolverse solo, se agiganta y agrava a cada día que pasa, poniendo en grave riesgo la unidad de los católicos.

Carlos Esteban


Ahora parece que le va a llegar el turno a la Fraternidad Sacerdotal Familia Christi ... si Dios no lo remedia. Es realmente escandaloso lo que está sucediendo en la santa Iglesia CatólicaHay un Caballo de Troya fuertemente infiltrado en ella, que gana cada vez más adeptos, a fin de destrozarla, desde dentro ... 

Uno no puede menos que preguntarse (o mejor, preguntárselo al Señor):
"¿Dónde se encuentra el límite de lo que vas  a permitir que haga Francisco y todos los modernistas que le siguen? Tu Iglesia se está hundiendo, Señor ... y nadie -o casi nadie- da señales de alarma, como si no ocurriera nada ... siendo así que estamos asistiendo al establecimiento, a nivel mundial, de una nueva Iglesia, que no es la tuya, aunque lleve tu nombre".