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THINGS ARE FALLING APART And the Left cannot admit it (Michael Voris)

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There was a time in America and other parts of the world where liberalism probably had good intentions. Here, in the States, for example, liberalism saw what we could call the "sins" of America's past, like slavery and rightly railed against them, as well as the effects of those sins carried into contemporary times. But liberalism itself became infected with the capital sin of pride, assuming a kind of moral superiority and condemning as inferior anyone who would not agree with its agenda. It has since become the immediate knee-jerk reaction to label or stigmatize every non-liberal as racist.

We saw this in abundance during the Obama reign. Anyone who simply disagreed with Obama on anything was taken to task for being a racist. We see it today with college kids — brainwashed for decades now with the effects of liberalism that they are special, unique and superior, as they take to the streets to protest violently a conservative speaker.

Once liberalism became infected with pride, it ceased to be an ideology and became instead an identity. It has become personal. When you challenge and attack the system of beliefs of a liberal, they perceive it not as an attack on the ideas but as a personal attack on them — their indentity— thus the completely unhinged response wrapped up in a cloak of superiority. And since they are superior, you, by definition, are inferior. You are a racist, a sexist, a homophobe (which isn't even a real thing anyway; there is no mental illness of homophobia). It's all about calling you names, demonizing you, stigmatizing you.

On the political scene, this is why the passions and hatred against Trump run so high, so intense. Trumpism — the whole MAGA, Make America Great Again platform — is viewed as a personal attack against not just an ideology but as the prevailing identity of those on the Left. This includes the mainstream media, virtually every institution in the Establishment. Even many of Trump's own party view themselves, not just their ideas and policies, as superior to Trump. Whenever anything horrible happens such as the Florida shootings by Nikolas Cruz, the entire Liberal world immediately starts looking to blame the conservative gun-toting hick from flyover country who is morally inferior because he is a white supremacist.

This approach accomplishes two things. One, it keeps the narrative rolling about the need to be a liberal because, two, "we" are superior. "We" don't believe in guns. Only racists believe in guns. Church Militant speaks so frequently about politics and the culture and Trump and the reaction to Trump because we recognize how this liberalism has set up camp in the Church.

Liberalism is fueled by pride. Whatever its past intentions might have been, it has now become incoherent and violent because it has become personal.

Conservative and orthodox talk about ideas and notions. Liberals and modernists just boil over with emotion. Rage has replaced logic because liberals long ago lost the logic contest. No, higher taxes do not save an economy. No, birth control does not improve the culture. No, freedom of sexual expression does not liberate people. No, exalting one's own self over God and the laws of nature does not improve your lot. No, keeping entire populations on institutionalized welfare does not help them succeed.

The attitude of moral superiority which powers liberalism is what is responsible for things falling apart and that attitude exists so they can excuse their personal sins. There is an intense crossover between the liberalism in the culture and the 'liberalism' in the Church. In the Church, we call it modernism, heresy, and it is rampant. And just as in the culture, in the Church it, too, has become an identity shot through with the sin of pride. So anything from the past is bad, mean, evil, must be annihilated.

Reverent liturgy, for example, is seen as impersonal and must be overcome by a more person-centered show. Talking about dogma and doctrine harkens back to the past when we spoke of sin and damnation and threatens my world of being superior. So that kind of speak must be replaced with the talk of being "pastoral." You see this "liberal" response immediately when you speak of the sin of active homosexuality as a thing, as in a thing in the world of ideas, propositions, teachings, a notion and the response immediately becomes a personal attack — you are a hater, a homophobe, non-integrated, whatever.

This is life today in the Church. The heretics have taken over — the theological equivalent of liberals in the culture — and just as in the culture, liberalism is destroying it, so too, the heresy of modernism is destroying the Church. God is under no duty to ensure the culture remains viable. But He has placed Himself under the duty to ensure His Church does. And He will. We need to get ourselves in the right frame of mind to be able to see what will be the coming correction and embrace it — make sure we are on the correct side of things.

Put more simply, be sure you are in the ark when the rain starts.

Michael Voris