jueves, 4 de enero de 2018

2018: Año de los homosexuales (Michael Voris)

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2018 is already shaping up to be "The Year of the Gay" in the Church, and we are barely a few hours into it. From that horrific so-called Nativity display in St. Peter's Square, complete with a practically naked, buffed-up so-called homeless guy and various other "gay-themed" displays woven throughout it, to the coming out in Mass during his homily a couple weeks ago of Milwaukee archdiocesan priest Fr. Gregory Greiten greeted with a standing ovation from the parishioners and the fawning public approval of his archbishop Jerome Listecki - -

to the news reports that the man many consider the second most powerful man in Rome - Cardinal Maradiaga - has been protecting a close bishop back in Honduras who has embezzled huge sums of money to keep up his flamboyant and extravagant gay lifestyle - -

not to mention the constant gay drum being pounded non-stop in the background by Fr. James Martin - yep 2018 sure feels like the year that the gay mafia is gonna’ hit the motherlode in the Church.

Still think there’s not a homosexual clergy problem in the Church?

And now - so open and so bold has the homomafia in the Church become that they can openly refute not just Church teaching in the realm of sexual morality - but ANY teaching they can use to promote their evil.

Latest example - Arthur Fitzmaurice - one of the leading lights of the extremely effeminate feminized clique in the Church.

This man has been allowed to say anything he wants at Catholic events that flat-out deny Church teaching.

He has been a regular invitee at the abominable Los Angeles archdiocesan Religious Education Congress - also known as REC.

Last year at the REC - he sponsored a talk on how the Church needs to accept and welcome transgenderism - you know - the mental illness where you convince yourself you are the opposite sex.

He did so the previous year as well - all with the approval of Archbishop Jose Gomez - who is much more interested in immigration reform than perverted doctrine flowing from the stage at his conference.

Well - look at what Fitzmaurice tweeted out about Our Blessed Mother on December 8 - the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception :
Jesus immersed Himself among the sinful. God is bigger than sin! With due respect to those who choose to believe in human doctrines not taught by Jesus, we don’t need to believe that Mary was sinless in order to believe Jesus was not conquered by sin #ImmaculateConception #Advent
The Archdiocese of Los Angeles also included his tweet on its own website in the part reserved for gay stuff.

The whole gay thing going on in the Church - from approval by bishops, to the swarm of gay priests infesting parishes and schools, to the speakers’ circuit populated by professional perverts - the whole thing is aimed at destroying - destroying the Church because it stands there like a rock condemning their consciences which are filled with rage.

They will stop at nothing to destroy - from raping altar boys to perverting doctrine to covering up for one another to theft and embezzlement to promoting each other to keep the attacks going - absolutely nothing is off limits to this crowd.

And all the while - Church leaders are at least silent and complicit at worst.

Consider how many billions of dollars you have put in the plate that have been used to pay for this perversion - and not just the homosexual clergy sex abuse payouts - but the salaries to keep these men in place, the expensive tuition bills and travel for their bishops to send them to Rome to get a fancy degree so they can come back and give an intellectual spin to their perversion of the Faith.

The Church needs to be purged of this evil - and those men who allow it to continue will pay with their souls in the fires of hell for eternity.

Right now - given the emasculation of the culture - there are huge numbers of young men who are confused about their sexual identity - they don’t know what it means to be a man - and they are being exposed to these perverts in collars and miters who are preying on them - setting them up to ensnare them in their own evil.

That the bishops would be going on non-stop about Trump and the DACA program while this sinister business is taking place right in their own parishes, at their own conferences, heck - on their own websites will not go well for them at their judgments.

Lay people are gonna have to be the ones to call this out and demand change - and withhold your money which helps fuel this gay juggernaut.

After all - it’s your young men that this whole movement wants - your sons and grandsons.

It wants them not only for sex, but also to accept and welcome homosexuality as something perfectly fine - it wants their intellects deadened against it so all manner of evil can be accepted as well.

It’s been subtle - sort of - up to now. But wait for the lid to blow off all this in 2018.

The leadership of the Church in America is unable to respond because too much of the leadership is either threatened by this homomafia - or are actually gay themselves.

And if you think the gay mafia which runs the Vatican right now is gonna’ be of any help - well just remember the so-called Nativity scene - where the Holy Family was almost an afterthought.

Michael Voris