jueves, 27 de junio de 2019

Who Appointed the Scandal Bishops in Latin America?

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After a series of disastrous episcopal nominations in Latin America, the Spanish-speaking website writes that we cannot ask the question: "Who keeps deceiving the Pope?" because Francis knows the Church of his native Latin America very well. Many appointments - like that of Scandal Bishop Gustavo Zanchetta, the former bishop of Oran, Argentina, were pushed through by Francis without respecting the usual procedures.

InfoVaticana mentions the controversial Lima auxiliary bishop elected Ricardo Augusto Rodrìguez Alvarez who seems to be involved in a romantic affair with a married woman. According to such disastrous nominations by Francis cannot be explained with “mercy”, a word Francis has turned into the key concept of his pontificate. Quote, "'Mercy' with the bishops often translates into cruelty for the faithful.” To appoint a womanizer priest as a bishop is a sign of contempt for the people of God, InfoVaticana explains.

After their Ad-Limina visit, some Australian bishops were raving about Francis in numerous interviews. One of them was Darwin Bishop Charles Gauci who was – quote - “deeply impressed” by Francis’ – quote - “humanity, his compassion, his sense of collegiality, his passion for working with all the people of God." Damian Thompson formulated on Twitter a question for the Australian bishops, “Why have you said so little about the criminal framing of the innocent Cardinal Pell?"

Hinting at the book “The Rhine Flows into the Tiber” which explains how the German bishops manipulated the Second Vatican Council, the National Catholic Register asked Cardinal Gerhard Müller whether the Rhine now will flow into the Amazon. Müller noticed that Germany is -quote – “not a good influence on the Church, because the Church is going down in Germany”. And: The German bishops are not aware of the real problems.