sábado, 6 de abril de 2019

Opposition Against Pope Francis is Very Strong

The opposition against Pope Francis in the Vatican is allegedly “very strong”, the Italian oligarch journalist Marco Politi told which belongs to the Swiss Bishops. Politi even claimed that there is a process of delegitimisation of Francis. According to Politi, Francis wants that the Church to be – quote – “not so dogmatic” anymore. He believes however, that Francis has become – quote - “more prudent” as he realizes that he causes huge divisions.

Politi believes that the Amazon Synod will abolish priestly celibacy, first in the Amazon region. But then, Politi expects that others will ask for the same measure in other parts of the Church – quote – “very quickly.”

During his flight to Rome from Morocco, Pope Francis, told the unsuspecting journalists on the plane that the French Philosopher Philippe Roqueplo gave him an important “hermeneutical light” and “key of understanding” in order to comprehend a situation.

An article on Aldo Maria Valli’s blog points out that Roqueplo is a lapsed Dominican and one of the most lunatic philosophers who ever existed. He claims, for instance, that it is wrong to consider an unborn child a human being as long as long as his mother does not “destine” him to become a human being. The article comments, “Roqueplo is one of those bad teachers who cleared the way to abortion in the Catholic world. His hermeneutic ‘light’ is, to say the least, luciferian.