viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2018

Young People Respond to Passionate Conviction Not to Bergoglio Catholicism

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Without God, Christmas is just tinsel, Greg Sheridan, the foreign editor of The Weekend Australian wrote on December 22 in an article for the same newspaper. Sheridan notices that Western secularism keeps the tinsel but suppresses the religious significance of Christmas.

Sheridan appreciates the decision by the Chinese city of Langfang to abolish Christmas this year, and to make Chrismas decorations and celebrations illegal, because this suggests that the Chinese Communists may understand Christmas better than many Westerners. They have realized that they cannot control Christmas because it proposes a higher authority than the Communist party.

Sheridan explains that without religion, everything else about Christmas is just there to distract. Quote, «You cannot come to any meaningful encounter with Christmas without comprehending its supernatural, transcendent, religious claims.» And, «deny Christmas altogether, accept it with all its mystery, or ignore it.»

Could we emphasize all the social goods that came from Christianity, but leave out believing in God, Sheridan asks. His reply is no. Quote, «The social utilitarian view of religion can only appeal to older men. You cannot inspire young people on that basis that this story is untrue or false, but it’s full of merit.»

Sheridan’s conclusion: Young people respond to passionate conviction, integrity and idealism. And, «I found successful Christian movements across many denominations combine three qualities: clear and radical belief, strong leadership and worship that by its aesthetic beauty signals the moral beauty of the teachings.