viernes, 27 de julio de 2018

Más allá de las creencias: La Iglesia "católica" de Viena contrata a una importante líder pro-aborto, pro-gay y anti-Iglesia

Duración 3:45 minutos


Beyond Belief: "Catholic" Church Hires Leading Pro Death Politician

Caritas Vienna, a relief organization controlled by Vienna Archdiocese, hired Judith Schwentner as head of a newly created Competence Center for Children and Adolescents at the Caritas headquarters in Vienna, Austria. Schwentner belongs to the far left pro-abortion, pro-gay and anti-Church Green party. From 2008 until the Green election debacle in October 2017 she was a member of the Austrian parliament.

Morning After Pill Fills Schwentner “With Joy”

In December 2009, Schwentner asked in parliament for an over-the-counter sale of the murderous "morning after pill". When the prescription exemption was introduced, she said that she was – quote – “filled with joy”. In February 2011, she supported the demand of the infamous Vienna abortionist Christian Fiala, a German, to have health insurance to pay for the “morning after pill”.

Schwentner’s Hatred Against Pro-Lifers

In July 2009, Schwentner asked in parliament that pro-lifers - she insulted them with the name - quote - "militant abortion opponents” and accused them of “psycho-terror” - should be forbidden to street-council mothers in front of abortion mills. Back then, had already proven that psycho-terror emanates solely from violent abortion mill employees. Such brutalities resulted in 2011 in a criminal conviction of an abortion-employee for personal injury, property damage and theft.

Abortion Anniversary: For Schwentner "A Reason to Celebrate"

Schwentner reached the height of her disrespect for human dignity in 2009 with her tribute to the 30th anniversary of the abortion mill on the Vienna Fleischmarkt (meat market). The anniversary was celebrated in Vienna's Socialist city hall. Schwentner cynically claimed that the mill - quote - "has done a lot for the mental and physical health of women, that's a reason to celebrate."

Schwentner Against the Church

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Vienna abortion mill, Schwentner also railed against the Catholic Church, her current employer. At that time, Vienna Cardinal Schönborn had timidly pointed out that he was “worried” about celebrating the jubilee of an abortion clinic in the town hall. Schwentner immediately insulted him - quote - "It is strange that time and again representatives of the Church are the first to speak about abortion, propagating a backward and misogynist dealing with the issue of sexuality."

Schwentner Against Schönborn

Referring to Cardinal Schönborn, who now has hired her, Schwentner hollered - quote - “Using a verbal mallet to hammer against such sensitive matter as some Church representatives do in the media is only counterproductive." In reality, Schönborn acted, as always, in a toothless way. He even forbade Salzburg Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun to participate in the counter-demonstration against the abortion mill’s anniversary.