sábado, 13 de enero de 2018

MADRES FALLIDAS: Las madres necesitan amar verdaderamente a sus hijos (Michael Voris)

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Today, an example of failed motherhood. And for the record, this isn't being mean; this lady wrote this in a public newspaper column. She celebrated in a public forum her son’s leaving the Faith. So it gets a public response.

First, the actual case: A Catholic mom who writes commentaries for a local paper in Carmel, Indiana recently wrote how proud of her teenage son she was for him bowing out of receiving the sacrament of confirmation:

On the last day of their five-day preparation retreat, literally seven hours before the ceremony, I got a call from my son telling me he did not want to be Catholic. He would not be making his confirmation that evening. ...

When I picked him up prior to the [M]ass, I heard his reasons. They were good. They were strong. And in that moment, I realized maybe I was actually a decent mom. I'd somehow taught my kid to stand up for his beliefs, whatever they are, and even if they aren't the same as my own.

This is a perfect example of how the Faith is being destroyed generationally. Interestingly, she did have a pang of conscience for a moment: "Had I done this? Had I been the one to turn him away from Catholicism, from my heritage?"

But, she says, she quickly disposed of that thought and was more concerned that she had already ordered two cakes for the confirmation party. It's not able to be said with any certainty that in answer to her own question, had she done this? But given her happy response to him abandoning the Faith, it's difficult to picture that she didn't have something to do with it.

Did she turn him away from Catholicism? Who knows for certain? Did she help him remain in it? Doesn't sound like it. She went on to say that all her family members were also excited and encouraged him in his apostasy — hardly surprising owing to the fact that they more than likely are apostates themselves.

And for all the liberal, Church Of Nice, Catholic establishment types out there, don't forget this story multiplied millions of times across America when you express shock over the next round of Church closings and lack of vocations and death spiral of Catholic marriages and so forth.

How do you think the Church is in such a freefall? Because of parents like this. What Catholic mother whose first concern has to be the eternal life of her children ever declare that her own child has good reasons, strong reasons for leaving the Faith?

That is failed motherhood — because no matter what her son goes on to achieve in this life, no matter how worldly successful he is — if he institutes world peace, finds a cure for cancer, ends world hunger, saves the entire planet from fake man-made climate change — if he loses his soul, his life was a failure.

Where did a mother who appears from her picture to be in her mid- to late forties get such a crazy notion that there are good reasons for leaving the Church? That her son, abandoning the Church established personally by the Son of God, the one true Faith, could have good reasons, strong reasons?

Well, all she and millions of other Catholics have heard for 50 years — so her entire lifetime — is that all religions are essentially the same, there are many paths to God, and she has heard this, directly or implied, from Catholic clergy. She has heard or absorbed the idea that sex outside of marriage is okay, as long as you "love" each other — apparently not enough to commit to a lifetime of love, but hey, good enough.

She's learned that contraception even in marriage is okay. Even if God wanted to create more humans, it's perfectly fine if you told God to take a flying a leap; you were going to do what you wanted to do.

And on and on and on. This is the condition of the Church these days: unfaithful Catholics, partially unfaithful from what they've absorbed from unfaithful priests and bishops, and the part of them unfaithful because they like not hearing about the Cross. They like their social club, suburban, middle-class, Church of Nice of Catholicism where spirituality is a myth and all that matters is the self.

There will come a day when this young man will need his faith, and his mother would have been complicit in his losing it. She wondered for a moment if she was a good mother. Her son walked away from the Faith with his mother applauding it, and inviting the rest of the family to join in the ovation. You do the math.

Pray for this family, and all the millions of others they stand in place of. The enemies of Christ, those most dangerous, are standing inside the Church — some are clergy, others are mothers.

Michael Voris