sábado, 13 de enero de 2018

LESBIANS AND MURDEROUS MOTHERS: It’s all about consequence-free sex (Michael Voris)

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The disgusting scene that unfolded on the streets of Washington, D.C. Saturday called the Women's March needs to be labeled for exactly what it was: a march in support of lesbianism and transgenderism, ensuring that mothers can continue to slice their children to pieces in the womb and that the government will pay for their contraception.

It had nothing to do with changes to healthcare, because lesbianism, child murder and contraception have nothing to do with healthcare — although gender dysphoria does.

And to call it a "women's" march is an insult to all the hundreds of millions of decent women who fortunately outnumber these feminazis.

The filth that spewed from the mouths of people like Madonna — who belted out the F-word more than anyone else in recorded history — the wearing of what we will politely call "Cat Hats," the number of middle fingers that were flipped by the thousands — all of these made it difficult for their mainstream media allies to leave the cameras on them for any length of time.

This was a revolting display from the real Deplorables, who cloak their evil in the guise of good.

Healthcare? Killing your child is neither health nor is it caring. This is a completely ginned-up cause by those who want to act (with emphasis on act) desperately aggrieved by Trump's lewd comments that were revealed during the campaign. But no one can claim to be revolted by his comments who, at the same time, marches through the nation's capital spewing out language with accompanying signs and symbols that would make devils blush with shame.

Where were all these women when Bill Clinton wasn't just "saying" crude and lewd things but actually doing them — repeatedly, dozens of times, even in the Oval Office itself? Not a peep from the victims of patriarchy, wounded, abused feministas — because it's never been about that. That's just a convenient cover.

Bill Clinton sexually assaulted more women than you could count. His female wife verbally attacked those same women in public when they came forward — and no one in the media of the feminazi crowd breathed a word. They kept their mouths shut because Bill was their champion of childkilling, the Planned Parenthood patsy; and while they may have been disgusted with him (we don't know because they never said, and 30 years later, have still never said), they weren't about to rally against the man who had sworn to keeping their child murdering machinery in place.

No. This whole victimhood thing needs to be unmasked for what it is: a massive protest against morality.

That's why the organizers kicked out pro-life women from the march preps earlier in the week; it's all about advancing their immorality and evil — a giant release of pained and guilty consciences that know down deep their lesbianism is a psychological disorder and the children the rest of them have murdered in their own wombs have wrecked them spiritually.

They rail against Trump because the policies — not necessarily the man — he advances are connected to God in the areas of sexual morality; and they cannot bear to hear that they are depraved and killers. Their own consciences convict them.
The rage displayed by these emotionally and psychologically devastated women is completely unbalanced, mentally off. It needs to be called out for what it is.

That a person like Madonna, whose own children have expressed dismay at her exploitation of sex during her career, would be one of the lead representatives of this event says everything you need to know. How many marchers in that crowd have the blood of their own children on their hands? Guilt is what inspired them to march, not fear of Trump.

If Bill Clinton — who actually did assault and abuse women by the dozens — didn't inspire deep fear in these women, then you'd have to be completely off the reservation to think a man who just says something vile would.

The sounds you heard in the streets of D.C. on Saturday are echoes of the sounds the damned will hear in Hell — hate, rage, anger, guilt, shame. This was not a women's march; it was a march for lesbianism and mothers who murdered their children and needed a way to vent their shame and guilt. That there were so many only speaks to the depth that the diabolical has reached into life on this earth. The women who marched hate God and cannot tolerate their consciences.

During the New York Times hit piece on us here at Church Militant last month that liberals are starting to pick up on, I said in response to a question that the current political climate in the United States is a war between two camps: those who believe in God and those who don't. This war isn't going anywhere or ending anytime soon because Satan never sleeps — and neither can we.

The Church Militant must call out evil for what it is. It's all about consequence-free sex with whomever you want, whenever you want — and that's all it's about.

Michael Voris