martes, 23 de enero de 2018

El pecado es real y sus poderes de destrucción son aterradores (Michael Voris).

Duración 7:15 minutos


One of the biggest lies being dished out by leading churchmen these days is that sin isn't that big of a deal. This lie needs to be exposed, as well as the churchmen who promote it. It's not so much that they come right out and say it, but that is the unspoken message, the prevalent attitude. That's why confession is never really talked about. That's why that idiotic notion that we have a reasonable hope all men are saved is so warmly embraced. It's why sin itself is almost ignored and never addressed in any serious consistent manner.

Sin is awful. It is completely destructive. It damns people. Cuts them off from God for all eternity if not repented from. There is nothing in life worse than sin other than the refusal to admit its destructive power and simply deny it in words or actions or thought.

As I stand vigil at my dad's bedside, the terrible reality of sin simply can't be missed or ignored. All this death and misery that has been repeated over and over billions of times throughout all of human history, this all came into the world as the result of sin but not just sin in general but rather because of just one sin. That original sin completely changed the face of the earth — just one sin. It brought death and the accompanying grief and sadness into the world — just one sin.

If just one sin has that kind of destructive power, dear God, what about the accumulated effects of the trillions upon trillions of hundreds of trillions of sins throughout all of human history? And to get right down to it, the thousands and tens of thousands of sins, probably many more that each one of us has committed. The modernist and dissident clergy in the Church love to go on and on about the love of God but that love cannot even begin to be appreciated if the horror of sin is not understood.

The glory of the Catholic Church is that Our Blessed Lord has opened up a path in the darkness, an escape route, that we may flee from the eternal consequences of sin. We are born into darkness, and we grow up and contribute to this original darkness by our choices. By our fallen natures we are attracted to the darkness. But Our sweet Jesus jumped down from His Heaven and plunged into this darkness to provide us light and open a path, a very narrow path, a sliver in fact of brilliant light so that we might become children of the light.

That narrow path is the Catholic Church which alone provides the sole means of escape from Satan and his powers of enslavement. All this darkness which we have freely added to, and there it is — one slim shaft of brilliant light capable of being seen by even those in the darkest area of the darkness. This is the spiritual reality — what the Church has always preached because this is what the Son of God preached.

It's why we would like to encourage you to sign up for a Premium membership for Church Militant today because you need to think in these terms, not the spiritually numbing terms of the Church of Nice which leads to Hell. This apostolate is all about preparing you to die — to die in a state of sanctifying grace as my father is.

The promotion of the truth of Our Lord and His Holy Spouse, the Church, for whom He gave up His sacred life, this is what we speak of non-stop, and this is why we want you to join us in our effort — this great work of being used to save souls. There is nothing more sobering than death and even death at the bedside of a man dedicated to God and His Church is a very sad event from an earthly perspective. But dying in the light — that sliver of brilliant heavenly light that is the Catholic Church — brings the comfort in all the grief that for all eternity this soul will be a child of the light and the darkness will not have won.

But how horrible, beyond horrible, too terrible to describe, is the deathbed of the one who would not approach the light during his lifetime and chose to remain in the darkness. That miserable creature dies in the darkness and becomes a slave to Satan for eternity — tortured by demons, burning with infernal rage against the light, never again knowing hope or love, nothing but hate and rage, world without end.

For the children of the light, St. Paul's words are solid, "O death where is thy victory, where grave thy sting?" Death is horrible, but we have been given the power to overcome the horror of death. To announce this, to help people think in these terms — the only truth there is — this is the reason, the only reason this apostolate exists.

Please join us today and sign up for a Premium subscription by just clicking on the link. Thank you in advance for your support and prayers. The Catholic Church is the only means of escaping Hell, and this truth must be announced to the world non-stop. Sin is real, and its powers of destruction are frightening.

Michael Voris