jueves, 2 de julio de 2020

The Suicide of a “Conservative” Bishop

The Suicide of a “Conservative” Bishop

In the last two weeks, we witnessed in awe the insane suicide of San Rafael Bishop Eduardo Taussig, Argentina, Caminate-Wanderer writes. Under Bishop León Kruk, San Rafael was an extraordinary magnet of vocations. The international Institute of the Incarnate Word was founded at that time in San Raffael. Until today, its clergy is very Catholic and the diocese has an excellent Catholic laity.

Taussig Refuses Communion

Bishop Taussig got himself into trouble when he agreed with the local government to accept the re-introduction of Mass with compulsory Communion in the hand. He showed the full force of his legalism when on Corpus Christi he denied communion to an old man with a cane who was unable to take Communion in his hand. In the whole area there have been no cases of coronavirus.

Hecatomb in the Seminary

Taussig ordered the diocesan seminary to ban Communion on the tongue. Therefore, the rector of the seminary presented his resignation which was accepted. The vice-rector was discharged and sent home to his family. Taussig made himself the new rector, forcing the seminarians to receive Communion in the hand. Those who stayed back and did not receive Communion were considered suspect.

Regardless of the losses

The deans and most of the parish priests of Taussig’s diocese pleaded with him, sometimes with tears, because they could in conscience not refuse Communion on the tongue. Taussig was merciless. He removed recently ordained Father Horacio Valdivia from the parish and sent him home because he had imparted Communion on the tongue and celebrated Mass without a mask. He closed down St. Francis Solano parish in San Rafael because the priests and faithful refused to deny Communion on the tongue, even after Taussig had lectured them.

Taussig Is a “Good Man”

The incredible thing: Taussig is a Conservative. Among all the conservative Argentinean priests in Rome, he was the most conservative when he earned his doctorate at the Angelicum and was living in the Convitto San Tommaso, where’s Father Reto Nay got to know and appreciate him. He has been on Francis' list of unwanted bishops for many years because he represents what Francis hates the most: education and hailing from a good family. There is even the hypothesis that Taussig is terrified by the recent expulsion of Saint Luis Bishop Martínez. Knowing that he is next on Francis’ list, he wanted to placate Francis’ mercy, seeking to save himself at the expense of his flock. San Raffael and San Luis Seminaries are the last two Catholic Seminaries in Argentina.

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