lunes, 3 de junio de 2019

Biggest Political Party in Italy Promotes Traditional Latin Mass

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Matteo Salvini’s Lega, the biggest party in Italy, where the Vatican is located, promotes the Traditional Latin Mass. Radio Padania, the radio station of the Lega, has frequently transmitted the sung Tridentine Mass. In the last elections the Lega which opposes illegal mass-immigration took 34% of the vote. In 2013, when Francis was elected Pope, the party had a mere 4%.

Already in September 2003 during the Verona Festival of the Lega a Traditional Latin Mass was celebrated in order to give the participants the possibility to attend Sunday Mass. The Mass was presented by the organizers as follows, “Holy Mass sung in Latin in the ancient Roman rite, the Mass of our forefathers and of our tradition in order to safeguard our Christian identity from the attacks of the Communists and of Islamic immigration."

In December 2003, the celebration of a Traditional Latin Mass for Italian soldiers killed in Iraq was first allowed and then prohibited in a public building in Ostiglia, Northern Italy. The permission was revoked because the Bishop of Mantua opposed the Mass. At the time, Enzo Fozzato, the Lega’s representative, asked the question, how could a Latin Mass possibly be so frightening? Fozzato pointed out that public buildings were given to Muslims to celebrate Ramadan, and that 1300 people had signed a petition for the Latin Mass.

At the recent EU elections, Pope Francis led an intensive campaign against the Lega. But Twitter-user Novellarese wrote on May 30, “Everyone noticed that many Catholics voted for the Lega to counter Bergoglio’s exertion of influence on Italian politics.” When a leftwing government introduced gay pseudo-marriage in Italy, and the huge Roman Family Day opposed it, Francis did not support the Family Day, claiming that he was – quote - “staying out of politics.”