jueves, 2 de mayo de 2019

Bishop Schneider talks to about the Abu Dhabi Document

Duración: 3 minutos


Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider spoke to on April 30th in an interview again and exclusively about Pope Francis' Abu Dhabi Declaration. Francis claims that God wills the non-Christian religions. But this thesis would lead to the absurd conclusion that God wants both, the redemption in Christ and the religions that deny this redemption.

Schneider tells that during his Ad-Limina visit on March 1 he also presented the Pope with a written request to withdraw this false statement in the Abu Dhabi Declaration. Francis replied on 5 March, declaring that the diversity of religions was wanted only by God's "permissive will".

Schneider then asked Francis on March 25th to make this private correction public. He pointed out to Francis that even in the Church it is often no longer believed that Christ is the only Saviour and that faith in him is the only religion positively desired by God.

Francis somehow followed Schneider's request at the April 3 General Audience. He said on this occasion that God permits the existence of many religions. But for Schneider this statement is unsatisfactory because Francis did not refer to the Abu Dhabi document. Therefore, his statement lacks clarity, Schneider notices, adding that Francis also remained silent about the fact that faith in Christ is the only religion positively wanted by God.

In the same General Audience, Pope Francis also claimed that Saint Francis of Assisi delivered to the Sultan al-Malik al-Kamil a "message of peace and fraternity". But Bishop Schneider points out that this is not the case. St. Francis, in fact, clearly and openly invited the Sultan to convert to Christ.

Bishop Schneider remarks in the interview that St. Paul would respond to the Abu Dhabi statement with the words of Gal 1:9: "Whoever proclaims another gospel to you in contradiction to what we have proclaimed - he be cursed" (Gal 1:9).