sábado, 20 de octubre de 2018

Why Bishops Are So Eager to Normalize Homosexuality

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This Will Be the Outcome of the Youth Synod
The Italian journalist Marco Tosatti predicted yesterday the outcome of the ongoing Youth Synod. It will be – quote - “a Catholic Church ever closer to the traditional Protestant confessions that are dying in many countries, and farther away from the Orthodox Churches and Evangelical Protestants that are growing everywhere.” In addition to that, the already strong divisions inside the Church will be exacerbated.

Why Bishops Are So Eager to Normalize Homosexuality
Tosatti has no doubt that the current trend for a "normalization" of the mortal sin of sodomy is strong within the Church, as never before. He suspects that this is so in order – quote – “to alleviate some problem of conscience.” He adds that “the desire to throw into the archives the Bible and Scripture is alive and strong.”

Youth Synod Has “No Taboos” – Really?
Monsignor Matteo Zuppi, the Bergoglian Archbishop of Bologna, Italy, who was not elected but named by Pope Francis to participate at the Youth Synod, told that in the Synod – quote – “no argument is taboo”. In reality, those who run the Synod have shown that they will ignore the youth’s desire for a proper liturgy, order and a clear and serious proclamation of the Faith.

Homosex Without End
Vienna Cardinal Schönborn who participates at the Roman Youth Synod which takes place in the context of the homosexual abuse crises, asked Austria’s leading gay propagandist, Gery Keszler, to help him to organize a rock-n-roll spectacle for World-Aids-Day in Vienna Cathedral. Schönborn is Keszler’s personal friend. The principal performer of the spectacle is Philipp Hochmair, a homosexual who lives in a homosexual pseudo-marriage.