lunes, 29 de octubre de 2018

“Synod of Divisions”

Synod of Divisions”

The Pro-Bergoglian Roman newspaper Il Messaggero called the now ended Youth Synod a “Synod of Divisions”, writing that – quote – “The Pope closes the Synod of Divisions with a strong appeal for unity”.

Synod of Ignorants

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput asked on Twitter the question how the Synod Fathers were able to vote on a final document containing many controversial points which they had no time to read and which was in a language, Italian, that many did not understand. The ultra-bergoglian journalist Robert Mickens called this “a true scandal”.

Synod of the Resting

Lyon auxiliary bishop Emmanuel Gobilliard interviewd people during the Youth Synod and put the recordings on a social network. At the end of the Synod he asked Archbishop David Macaire of Fort-de-France, Martinique, what he had to say about the Synod. Macaire’s answer, “I understood everything. What I understood is that this is a moment of rest for me. This is good.” He added that it is now up to the youth to evangelisize and that he had no interest – quote – “to find myself on Instragram or Snapshat”.

“With That Name, The Station Will Go Bankrupt”

Four years ago Omár Suárez, the leader of the Argentinean United Maritime Workers Union, told Pope Francis that the Union will start a radio station called “Papa Francisco”. Francis commented, “With that name, the station will go bankrupt.” And so it happened. The radio which at the end employed 16 people has just closed down. The director of the radio was Alicia Barrios who wrote the book “My friend, Father Jorge” about Francis. The radio’s downfall started in 2016 when Suárez was arrested for conspiracy and extorsion. His successor stated that the radio had little to do with the life of the Union and the maritime workers.