sábado, 22 de septiembre de 2018

Cardenal Schönborn: El camino del hombre hacia el infierno era más corto de lo esperado

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Cardinal Schönborn: The Road to Homo Hell Was Shorter Than Expected

Gery Keszler, a Vienna gay activist and organizer of the Life-Ball, Europe’s biggest gay propaganda show, declared during a public September 4 conversation with Feldkirch Bishop Benno Elbs that already seven years ago he wanted to organise a gay event in St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna but the show took place only in December 2017. Seven years ago, Keszler received from Cardinal Schönborn the following refusal: "Mr. Keszler, the way between St. Stephen's Cathedral and the Life-Ball is very rocky and long." Since then, an intimate friendship has developed between the two. According to Keszler both now smile today "very much" about the original refusal.

A Quick and Convinced "Yes"

In autumn 2017 Keszler again asked Schönborn who in the meantime had become his intimate friend, during one of their regular common dinners, whether he could organise a gay show in St. Stephen's Cathedral for World AIDS Day in December. This time, Schönborn quickly and unequivocly said yes. Keszler said that he was "very very surprised" about this answer.

St. Stephan's Cathedral Full of Gay Symbolic Language

According to Keszler, the December 2017 homosexual show in St Stephen's Cathedral was full of symbolic gay acts that one - quote - "had never seen before in this way." Keszler mentioned the joint entry of sodomy activists with a cardinal or the transvestite Thomas Neuwirth, called Conchita Wurst, who read something like the prayer of the “faithful”. Keszler interprets this as an "indirect apology" of the Church toward homosexual propagandists.

Schönborn Has Revised His Opinion on Homosexuality

Keszler became abusive and intolerant when he spoke about critics of his gay show in St. Stephen's. He admits that they make him “angry” and calls them “reactionary dumb-asses” who allegedly “hide behind dogmas” and allegedly "do not understand the world." Keszler admitted that Schönborn criticised homosexualism in the past. But - quote: "Today he thinks differently about it."

Schönborn “Emotionally Moved” By Gay Propaganda
Bishop Elbs recalled meeting Schönborn on the day after the gay event in Vienna Cathedral during the consecration of Innsbruck Bishop Glettler. According to Elbs, Schönborn was still "emotionally moved" by the gay show, although he was tired and had been robbed on the night train.

Schönborn to Keszler: "You Must Be Disappointed With Me Now"

Keszler also commented on Schönborn's criticism of the December ruling of the Austrian Constitutional Court in favor of gay pseudo-marriage. But he affirmed that Schönborn did not write the statement himself and that he sent an SMS to Keszler with the words: "You must be disappointed with me now.