miércoles, 8 de agosto de 2018

La pena de muerte: Francisco contra la Iglesia católica

Duración 17:47 minutos

RTV's 'Sunday Sermons from South St. Paul' blows the lid off Pope Francis's attempt to change the constant teaching of the Catholic Church on capital punishment. In what surely must be one of the most courageous sermons of 2018, this diocesan priest takes the gloves off and asks: 
"What's it going to be? The constant teaching established by Scripture, doctors and fathers of the Church, sainted popes and God Himself? Or that which rests on the whim of Pope Francis, who seems to think the Catholic Church’s binding teaching is whatever his opinion happens to be."
God help us, what is this man thinking, that in the middle of the most outrageous clerical sex scandal to date he decides it’s time to go after capital punishment...

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