lunes, 20 de agosto de 2018 has cancelled most of Pope Francis’ morning homilies

Duración 3:09 minutos has cancelled most of Pope Francis’ morning homilies, the pro-Francis has noticed. Until some months ago, all Francis' homilies were available on VaticanNews. Now only the most recent 70 homilies - out of 600 – are still there. Not seldom, these homilies have been a source of embarrassment because of the many polemical or downright wrong statements they contain.

In his August 1 audience for a group of Jesuits, Pope Francis said: "When I was a student, when we had to go to the General, or when we had to go with the General to the Pope, he used to wear the cassock and the cloak. I see that this fashion is gone, thank God." Francis will eventually find out by himself that there is a connection between kicking the habit and kicking religious vocations altogether.

Last Saturday, Genoa Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco celebrated Mass for the state funeral of the 42 victims of the highway bridge that collapsed in Genoa, Italy. At the end of the Mass a Genoa Imam, Salah Hussein, pronounced an Islamic prayer because two Muslim Albanese were among the 41 victims.

The Italian Bishops will, in November, replace the Our Father with a wrong version writes They plan to exchange the correct translation «and lead us not into temption» with the fake «and do not abandon us to temptation.» «Lead us not into temptation» refers to the ultimate temptation which, according to the Gospels, awaits everybody who embarks on the path toward sanctity.

Catholic League’s Bill Donohue has defended embattled Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl, saying that Wuerl is now being persecuted by people who just want to get the biggest scalp they can find. Donohue presents Wuerl’s excellent record regarding his handling of abuses. has no doubt that Wuerl is a liberal bishop who, as every liberal bishop, has done great harm to the Church. But he should be criticised for his liberal ideology, not for a never-ending so-called abuse scandal that instrumentalizes abuses for one single aim: in order to damage the Church.