martes, 1 de mayo de 2018

El Papa no es el sucesor de Cristo ... y otras noticias de Gloria TV

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The Pope Is Not the Successor of Christ

Talking to, the Roman historian Roberto de Mattei criticised papolatry which considers the Supreme Pontiff to be almost god-like. De Mattei defines papolatry as the belief that the Pope is almost a successor of Christ, instead of being his vicar. He points out that the Tradition of the Church comes before the Pope, not the pope before the Tradition.

Doubts About the Heroic Virtues of the Recent Popes

De Mattei points out that only two popes of the Middle Ages, the Church’s most splendid time, were canonised. On the contrary, since Second Vatican Council all the popes are about to or have been canonised. De Mattei points out that the canonisation of a pope signifies that he has shown heroic virtue in governing the Church. But – quote, “It does not seem to me that this quality characterizes the popes during and after the Council.”

Former Benedict XVI Creats Confusion

Professor De Mattei accuses the former Benedict XVI of creating confusion by having left his office while at the same time keeping the papal attire, name and title. De Mattei points out that being a pope is an office not part of the sacrament of ordination. After an abdication, an office is lost, but the former Benedict gives the impression that the pope remains pope forever which has led to a division between those who follow Pope Francis and those who follow the former Benedict.

John Paul II Performed Two Exorcisms

The 83-year-old Angelo Gugel, the personal butler of John Paul II who was in the popemobile when the late pope was shot on Saint Peter’s Square, has confirmed to IlFarodiRoma that John Paul II, after two audiences, performed exorcisms. One case was a girl with foam around her mouth so that a bishop who stood nearby ran way. John Paul II prayed over her in Latin and touch her head so that she suddenly relaxed. Gugel was present at the exorcism.