jueves, 1 de febrero de 2018

Sorpresas democráticas (Michael Voris)

Duración 5: 22 minutos


If you tuned in to President Trump's State of the Union address last night, you could not miss one very obvious point — one shot after another shot of the pro-abort, pro-sodomy Democrats with these long sourpuss faces on as Trump rattled off one success story after another: lower taxes, thunderous applause from Republicans, long faces from the Party of Death; lower unemployment, thunderous applause from Republicans, long faces from the Party of Death; economic explosion, thunderous applause from Republicans, long faces from the Party of Death.

Trump made the Democrats sit there with scowls on their faces and root against America or rather exposed the Democrats for what they truly are — always rooting against America. On one point after another, no matter what Trump touted as a great boost for America, the Party of Death sat there like zombies — stunned as Trump rattled off point after point of how America is coming back from the failures of Democratic socialist policies. But why? How could anyone disagree with economic growth, more income for families and lower joblessness?

Heck, the Dems even kept their seats in the face of a massively emotional moment when President Trump asked for laws to keep out illegal murderous immigrants — as two sets of parents whose daughters were killed by illegal immigrants — but again, why? 

Why all the sourpusses and refusal to celebrate that which should be celebrated? 
Because the return of a vision of America that speaks openly about God, religious liberty, judges who are not liberal lions, traditional families and so forth, all of this runs in direct contradiction to their evil-twisted view where death and socialism rule the day — imposed by a government that hates God. And underlying all this is the Party of Death's worship, yes worship, of the murder of the preborn.
So to ensure that abortion remains legal, they politicize everything, absolutely everything, refusing to work on even great things for America or applaud what anyone with a brain or a pulse could recognize as good things

See, the liberal godless establishment of the Party of Death and some Republicans in Name Only, have spent decades being the architects of a system meant to destroy Western civilization — a civilization built by the Catholic Church. This campaign to destroy Western civilization encompasses a broad range of objectives like false man-made climate change, illegal immigration, high taxes and so forth. They use these causes to hide their bloodthirsty child murdering and sadly too many Catholic clergy have committed themselves to these causes, failing to see the larger picture and grand scheme in which they are being employed as useful idiots.

Yes, what is happening politically is very much of concern to Catholics, and you can depend on Church Militant to continue drawing these connections for you.

Michael Voris