lunes, 22 de enero de 2018

The Necessary Church (Michael Voris)

Duración 9:04 minutos

The real problem with the Church of Nice, which is demonic in its deceit, is that it does not prepare you for your death. It lulls you into a false hope of security and comfort. This is why it's demonic. It cooperates with the plan of the enemy to have you ill-prepared to stand before your Maker. Want to know why you so seldom if ever hear a word about Hell in homilies or talks or communiques from the USCCB? Because they are doing the will of their father — the Devil — in keeping your eye off the target and your mind out of the game. Satan wants you dying in a state of mortal sin. Period.

Now, there are lots of ways this can happen. You can be an adulterer, a bank robber, a kiddie porn producer, a drug dealer and on and on. But for people who are not really given to those sins, what's a demon to do? How does the devil get these people into Hell? There are many, many people who that list of sins is just not appealing. So something other than the usual sins must be brought before them to tempt them. And so perhaps the greatest and most deceitful sin that can be presented is one whereby Satan helps the person think they are spiritually okay — sure, maybe not some great saints with stigmata and visions but doing pretty okay in the meantime — make them think that being associated with the Church is good, without ever really being totally and completely in love with the Church, viewing the Church through the prism of one's self-identity, our heritage, our family custom and so forth. But whatever Satan does, he cannot allow such a person to see the Church as necessary for their salvation.

He not only can allow but actually desires that a "nice" soul see the Church as sentimental type thing, a nostalgic body full of fond memories and so forth. The warm and fuzzy Church where we wave at people we know in the parking lot and have donuts with after Mass and have all sorts of "fellowship" with on the way to a fellowship in Hell for all eternity. Why? Why is this the case? Because the Church is not primarily a gathering place for warmth and friendly chatter.It is the sole means by which a soul is purified from sin and escapes this life in a state of sanctifying grace and so avoids Hell and is saved from the chains of the enemy.

So, Satan has taken great strides to make the Church seem simply reasonable for all those milquetoast, reasonable, socially polite souls who will not fall for his temptations of modern man in killing children and abandoning their families and turning to addictions. Call it complacent Catholicism which is the exact opposite of what the Church Militant is. Church Militant is anything except complacent because the fight for souls is not an easy thing.

The Catholic faith exists for the singular reason of attaining salvation. All other faiths, regardless of the intentions behind them, are false and cannot save. True, they may have elements of the Truth but that truth is always Catholic truth, not their own truth. There is no truth aside from Catholic truth because the founder of the Catholic Church is Truth HImself. All truth comes from Him. Yet to hear modernists and heretics and dissidents in the Church talk these days, you'd think that's all a lie.

The likes of Fr. James Martin and Fr. Dan Horan and Fr. Gary Braun in St. Louis even go so far as to preach that Jesus wasn't really sure of who he was and then appeal to equally devious "scholars" and say modern scholarship all says this. Homosexualist James Martin even says Our Lord started off as a disciple of St. John the Baptist and somehow later came to a dim recognition that he should maybe blaze His own trail. Of course, the veiled denial of the divinity of Christ is nothing new in the Church, but it is always disturbing when coming out of the mouth of a priest.

Church Militant has come into existence precisely because this kind of thing needs to be battled and the actual truth of the Faith needs to be preached. That's why we would like to appeal to you to become a Premium member today — sign up for the monthly membership which is just $10 a month. You get access to hundreds of hours of Premium programming to enrich and enliven your own faith life.

In case you haven't noticed, there are various bishops in the Church these days who are busily trying to reshape and represent what the Church actually is or rather who the Church really is. And make no mistake, they hate tradition in the Church because tradition is the authentic faith and they hate that. So anything that presents the Faith in a traditional way, they do their best to destroy it. That's why San Antonio Abp. Gustavo Garcia-Siller kicked out three very lovely traditional nuns from his archdiocese who had attached themselves to the beautiful and lofty Ordinariate parish of Our Lady of the Atonement. Garcia-Siller had made a play earlier to grab this parish and get it under his control, and he lost that fight.

The Ordinariate parish is extremely faithful and wedded to traditional Catholicism and the modernist bishop couldn't stand that in his own backyard. So, he tried to get control of the parish and when that failed, he got all vindictive and ordered the nuns back to Alabama. See, these things must be talked about in the open. It is impossible to advance the cause of the Faith these days with such men working behind the scenes to destroy it without calling them out.They want you to believe that the role of the Church is all about immigration and earthly justice and don't give a hoot about the spiritual realities. That's not Catholicism. It's the Salvation Army or Presbyterianism or something else but definitely not the Church founded by the Son of God — the eternal Logos.

They don't care about liturgy other than to distort it and make it all sentimental. They don't care about catechesis other than to make it human-centered. In fact, as you survey the landscape of many of these leaders, you'd be hard-pressed to conclude many of them are actually Catholic. That's why apostolates like this must exist and must flourish. We point you to the ancient teachings of the Church that these men want to obscure from your intellect. Not all are wicked minded. Some certainly are. But too many are content to let you waltz through life and be ill-prepared to die. Well, we aren't. And neither can any Catholic who cares about the Church, the authentic Church, outside of which there is no salvation.

So please join us, sign up for a Premium account today and share the glories of the Faith with yourself and your loved ones, friends, families, co-workers, anyone who will listen. And pay attention to the travesties happening in the Church, not so you can become despondent but so that you can understand the need to rise up and fight for the truth of Body of Christ.

Thank you in advance for your support and Premium membership. Just click on the link and sign up today.

Michael Voris