miércoles, 24 de enero de 2018

Solo hay un camino para la salvación y es a través de Jesucristo y de la Iglesia que Él estableció para continuar su trabajo de salvación a lo largo del tiempo (Michael Voris)

Duración 6:49 minutos

TRANSCRIPT (in English)

There is only one path to salvation and that is through Jesus Christ and the Church He established to continue the work of His salvation throughout time. There is no access to Jesus Christ apart from the Catholic Church. This is why His Holy Spouse has always declared, outside this Church, there is no salvation.

The sole purpose of the Church, with Her divinely instituted sacraments, is to ensure that a soul departs from this life in a state of sanctifying grace, meaning that the Holy Trinity is firmly established and living in that soul. So, then it just becomes a natural-supernatural extension of this life — like things go to like things. A soul in which the Trinity is established simply goes to the Trinity at death as it passes from this valley of tears into the glorious Kingdom of Heaven. Nothing could be more natural than to be simply lifted into the supernatural because that is the state the soul was in at death.

So, too, however, is the opposite that the soul which is spiritually dead at the moment of earthly death also goes to where it is most fitting for it. The soul that dies in a state of mortal sin has no desire to unite to Him, is in fact repulsed by the light and love of God, and so it flees. And God permits it to flee from Him — just as He permitted the Jews at Capernaum to flee from Him who would not accept His command given in great love and desire for intimacy to eat His Flesh and drink His Blood as a condition of eternal life.

You hear so little talk in the Church these days of sin and Satan. Leaders are too caught up in the earthly notions and machinations of a humanist Church that there is practically no more room for the supernatural, so great is the emphasis on the natural. Listening to so many bishops and misguided clerics, you'd think if there was such a thing as sin — which to them it doesn't appear there is — that the greatest sin would be increasing your carbon footprint and not planting a tree in reparation.

The Church exists to help people, help souls escape Satan, to defeat Satan in their personal lives so that at the moment of death they win, and they are freed for eternity from him — never ever able to sin again or even desire to. Passing from earthly life, the victorious soul is ushered into the presence of the Living God, accompanied by St. Michael the Angel of Death and witnessed and testified to and prayed for by the Mother of God, who crushed the serpent's head, and all the saints and angels and prophets.

All of their deeds and actions and thoughts are brought into the Light. Judgment is pronounced based on those deeds, and the soul is saved — perhaps, even likely, a duration in the fires of Purgatory to pay whatever remains of their temporal punishment incurred for their sins so as to prepare them for an eternity of glory, but they are saved. They have become a saint. They have achieved faith's goal — their salvation. And look! Either all of this is true or it's complete lunacy. But it isn't partially true. It isn't half-true. The entire structure of the Church is built on this single most important reality.

This is why we are appealing to you to sign up today for a Premium membership because this truth and announcing it is what we are completely dedicated to, here, at Church Militant and St. Michael's Media. Nothing else matters if a soul does not die in a state of sanctifying grace. People must come to understand that the purpose of their life is to defeat Satan in their own personal circumstances. That is not possible outside the Church because no human is strong enough to even resist Satan, much less defeat him on their own. It's why Our Lord established the Catholic Church. It's why he had to announce that the gates of Hell would never prevail against this Church — His Church.

What a horrible set of affairs has descended on this Church where this message which is the ultimate reality is almost completely ignored. Well, we won't ignore it, just as my father who is going to his death has not ignored it and made it the central aspect of his life. He will go to Our Blessed Lord and Our Blessed Mother to whom he had such a great, great devotion with the blood of the serpent on his sword, having defeated the ancient enemy by the power given to him through the sacraments of the Catholic Church. His life, therefore, was a success.

This is the message we want to tell the world, and we want to help keep constant before your eyes, so please join us today and sign up for a Premium account and avail yourself of hundreds of hours of programming where the message of defeating Satan is right there squarely in front of you.

Thank you for all your prayers, especially for my dear dad, and all your support and generosity, and we'll see you on the Premium channel.
Michael Voris