jueves, 7 de diciembre de 2017

The True Enemies of the Church ... y otros

Duración 2:42 minutos

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- Francis And the Rohingya: On the plane returning from Bangladesh Pope Francis said that quote – “there were terrorist groups trying to take advantage of the Rohingya, who are people of peace.” He continued, “There is always a fundamentalist group in religions, we Catholics too have them.” Vaticanista Marco Tosatti suspects that according to Francis the Catholic fundamentalists are those ultra-dangerous Catholics who rattle off the latest model of recoilless rosaries made in Israel. Tosatti doubts that Francis is well informed about the Rohingya. He points out that Hindu and Christian Rohingyas are persecuted by the Muslim Rohingya majority. Tosatti adds, “They did not have the honour to be mentioned by Francis.”

- Two Busts: On December 7 at 10 a.m. two bronze busts which represent Francis Bergoglio and Martin Luther, will be placed east of the cathedral in Lund, Sweden. The busts commemorate the ecumenical service held in the Lutheran Lund Cathedral in 2016 with the participation of Francis. At the inauguration of the busts, a hymn of Luther will be performed.

- The True Enemies of the Church: Writing about the negative impact of heterodox clergy on the faithful, Father Ray Blake writes: "I don't fear atheism or aggressive secularism as much as I fear Catholics who have lost their faith but remain in professional roles within the Church".