jueves, 21 de diciembre de 2017

Abuso de poder en el círculo interno del Papa Francisco ... y otros

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Pope Francis’ inner circle is abusing its power, writes Ed Condon in the Catholic Herald. According to him, contempt for the rule of law and proper procedure in the curia is palpable when dealing with some Vatican departments. Condon remembers the infamous case when Cardinal Beniamino Stella, the ultraliberal Prefect for the Congregation for Clergy, issued an unjust decree and had it signed by Francis in order to make an appeal against it impossible.

Condon reports another, recent case in which someone appealed before a Vatican department and received a phone call from a cardinal who told him to drop the appeal against a curial abuse of power. The cardinal gave the following reason, “If [the person being appealed] didn’t have the power to do what he wants, I can get the Pope to give it to him.” For Condon, the implication is clear – quote, “Access to the Pope is a serious commodity in Rome, and those few who have it are able and willing to take advantage of it.”

This picture shows a Filipino citizen by the name of Luis Antonio Tagle who happens to be a Cardinal and the archbishop of Manila, meeting with the American citizen Michael J. Byrnes who happens to be the Coadjutor Archbishop of Agaña, Guam. The third person is also suspected to be a priest or bishop. Canon 284 of the Code of Canon Law asks priests to wear “suitable ecclesiastical garb”. It is wrong that bishops believe that they are above the law.

Cover Up: The Boston Globe who keeps accusing the Church of allegedly covering up abuses, is now doing the same. The newspaper has admitted to sexual abuse among their collaborators but refuses to name the predators. Catholic League’s Bill Donohue comments: “The Globe refuses to hold itself to the same standard it insists that the Catholic Church must respect.” And, “We need Hollywood to do a ‘Spotlight’ film on the corruption within the Boston Globe. But that is not likely to happen: studio moguls, actors, and entertainers—most of whom feel about the Catholic Church the way the Globe does—are too embroiled in sexual abuse scandals of their own.”