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"God Will Punish the World in a Terrible Way"

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"God Will Punish the World in a Terrible Way"

In December 1957, Mexican Father Agustin Fuentes conversed with Sister Lucia, the only seer of Fatima, who then was still alive, in her convent in Coimbra, Portugal. Back in Mexico, he revealed what Sister Lucia had told him. Tempi di Maria published excerpts on Italian

Heaven’s Punishment is “imminent”

Sister Lucia told Father Fuentes that Our Lady said that nobody paid attention to her message in Fatima. “Believe me, Father,” Sister Lucia said, “God will punish the world in a terrible way. Heaven's punishment is imminent.” But, this was over sixty years ago, and the imminent punishment seems not to have materialized.

The Year 1960

Sister Lucia specifically alleged that the year 1960 would be a “very sad year for everyone” if the world did not pray and do penance. She could not give details because it was still a secret. There is no indication that the world started praying and doing penance. Nevertheless, 1960 did not stand out in terms of sadness.

Did She Mean Cultural Marxism?

Sister Lucia stressed that Our Lady said “many times” that Russia will be the instrument chosen by Heaven to punish the whole world if we do not first obtain the conversion of this poor nation". At the time, Russia was the Soviet Union. Perhaps, Sister Lucia meant Cultural Marxism which spread from the Soviet Union into the West where it is still rampant.

Three Reasons

Our Lady didn’t tell Sister Lucia that the Last Times had arrived, but Lucia had three reasons to believe so. First, Our Lady told her about an imminent final battle between the devil and Our Lady. Second, Our Lady gave two last remedies against evil: the Rosary and the Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The third was that the world did not pay attention to the message of Fatima.