lunes, 20 de enero de 2020

With the Rosary Against the Marx Church

Duración 3:10 minutos

With the Rosary Against the Marx Church

On Saturday, an international coalition of 120 Catholics, prayed silently for one hour on Munich's Odeonsplatz. This was not an actual demonstration, as the participants were personally invited by the Italian historian Roberto de Mattei. The event was directed against the German Bishops' Conference, its chairman Reinhard Marx, and against the German Synodal Way. The media present were LifeSiteNews, RemnantNewspaper, EWTN's Register and No informants from Munich Archdiocese were spotted. They apparently didn’t know anything. The anti-Church media, who support Cardinal Marx, censored the event.

Viganò welcomed by the faithful

Among those praying was Whistle-Blower Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. This was his first public appearance since summer 2018. After the prayer he was greeted by many faithful who kissed his ring and he spoke kindly to them. However, in front of media representatives, he kept a reserved distance.

Nobody wants to talk about the problem of the "heretic pope 

During the press conference afterwards, Count Peter zu Stolberg objected from the crowd, that the event called for opposing Francis and the bishops, although Catholics are supposed to honor a Pope, even if he were senile or ill. Nobody on the podium wanted to respond to the objection. Moderator John Smeaton referred it to De Mattei, but he passed it on to José Antonio Ureta. Ureta said that one has to resist the pope’s mistakes, however, the pope is judged by Christ, not by the faithful. The Remnant’s Michael Matt added, that not every person who has question-marks about Francis needs to stand up. Matt cited the Ratzinger/Sarah book on celibacy as an example of a non-direct approach. Then, Stolberg asked also de Mattei to answer. He refused. Obviously, nobody wanted to say in public that they are resisting Francis’ heresies.

Biggest prolife-problem: Church works against it

John Smeaton, who has been working in the pro-life arena for forty years, revealed at the end what is currently the biggest problem for his work: to bring Pope, bishops and priests to the point that they cooperate with the prolife-movement instead of working against it.