lunes, 25 de marzo de 2019

La peor forma de abuso infantil: los obispos argentinos de Francisco guardan silencio ante el aborto

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Child abuse is bad but killing children is obviously ok. Pope Francis’ Argentina follows instructions of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, both controlled by the United States, to introduce abortion, José Arturo Quarracino writes on Spanish Right wing president Mauricio Macri has endorsed procedures aimed at introducing abortion. He left the drafting of the project to a group connected with the infamous Planned Parenthood Federation. Quarracino calls this a “clear evidence of Argentina’s colonial prostration.”

The project experienced a setback when it was refused by the Argentinean senate last August. But this did not stop Macri from continuing. Macri’s Health Secretary, Adolfo Rubinstein, a member of the clan of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, introduced by decree the abortion drug Misoprostol. In addition, Enrique Finocchiaro, Macri’s Education Minister, imposed sex indoctrination and gender ideology on the schools.

As an alternative, the evangelical Foundation “Más Vida” (More Life), created a hotline in order to help pregnant mothers signing an agreement with the Minster of Social Development. But four days later, it was pressured in addition to promote abortion through the hotline. The foundation hesitated to agree and therefore the agreement supporting the hotline was terminated. There is no law in Argentina obliging anyone to promote abortion.

It is important to know that responsible for the cancellation is Carolina Stanley, the pro-abortion Minister of Social Development. Stanley is a friend of Pope Francis. He has received her in the Vatican and publicly praised her more than once. The good thing: There is a strong opposition in Argentina to Macri’s anti-life policies, especially among evangelicals. 

The Bishops instead are conspicuous by their silence in the face of the promotion of this mass murder. Quarracino comments: “They are more concerned with the environmental agenda and with obsequious papadolatry than with leading the flock of Christ and defending human life.”