lunes, 4 de febrero de 2019

EXCLUSIVO DE GLORIA TV: "Ya había problemas graves antes de Francisco" (Josef Seifert)

Duración 3:42 minutos There Were Severe Problems Already Before Francis

Already before Pope Francis turned the Pontifical Academy for Life upside down, there were problems, the Austrian-born philosopher Josef Seifert told Seifert was a member of the Academy until it was remodeled in 2016. He refers to the 18th General Assembly of the Academy in February 2012, which was dedicated to the problem of infertility. According to Seifert, during this event, five out of six speakers spoke against the teachings of the Church.

Catholic Doctrine Turned into Its Opposite

The most problematic member of the new Academy is for Professor Seifert, the Italian moral theologian Father Maurizio Chiodi. Chiodi denies that contraception is in itself bad, and even believes that under certain circumstances it is right to use contraception. Seifert concludes that this way, contraception is not only allowed but might even be a duty. This turns Catholic doctrine into its opposite. Chiodi also belongs to a Vatican commission, which works on a reinterpretation of the encyclical Humanae Vitae.

This Turns God into a Devil

For Seifert, Amoris Laetitia is the basic problem in modern Catholic moral theology. This document claims that remarried divorcees may understand in their conscience that God wills their adulterous cohabitation. But Seifert explains that with such a reasoning every evil act can be justified. Consequently, actions which are always and in themselves evil cannot exist anymore. Quote: "If one teaches that God may want evil acts, then the whole moral theology collapses." Seifert is convinced that John Paul II would not have accepted Amoris Laetitia. In August 2017, Seifert was dismissed as a Professor at the Edith Stein Institute in Granada, Spain, because he had scientifically criticised Amoris Laetitia.

"All is incomprehensible"

Seifert points out that Francis does not speak with consistency. He calls it "strange" that Francis refers to abortion as a contract murder, but the next day praises abortionist Emma Bonino, the main responsible for introducing abortion in Italy, as a great Italian. Quote: "For me all this is incomprehensible." Another scandal for Seifert is the display of a statue of Martin Luther in the Vatican.

Following Catholic Doctrine Is Presented as Something Negative

Commenting on Francis' attacks against - quote - "rigid Catholics", Seifert noted that "rigidity" is a marginal problem in today’s Church. He pointed out that the enemies of the faith like to present Faith as “rigid”, “judgmental”, or “Pharisaic”. Seifert calls this a distortion of the facts. He explains that the Church’s doctrine is not rigid.