martes, 8 de mayo de 2018

Ratzinger no es una solución a los problemas actuales (Mons. Livi)

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All The Popes Since Vatican II Had Sympathies for Neo-Modernism

Talking to, Monsignor Antonio Livi, a former dean and professor at the Roman Lateran University, pointed out that all popes since Second Vatican Council have had an attitude of esteem regarding heretical neo-modernism, including Benedict XVI who confessed that he basically agreed with the heretical theologian Karl Rahner. As a pope, Benedict even received the anti-Church theologian Hans Küng.

Ratzinger Is not a Solution to the Present Problems

To the question whether Joseph Ratzinger’s theology could lead out of the present crisis, Monsignor Livi replies: “absolutely not”. Livi explains that as a theologian Ratzinger is under neo-Protestant influence and opposed to the old Scholastic theology which has a rational rather than a sentimental, approach to the understanding of the faith.

Already Benedict XVI Avoided Magisterial Teaching

According to Livi, the documents published by Benedict XVI are theology, not magisterial documents. In these documents, Benedict XVI discusses with other theologians and he is less interested to re-propose the Catholic faith and to defend it from errors. Further, Livi points out that Benedict XVI spent months and months of his short pontificate to write theological books which he published as a private man.

The Ideology of “Modern Man”

Monsignore Livi points out that since John XXIII the opinion emerged that the Church must “translate” Catholic Dogma into a language comprehensible for – quote – “modern man”. Livi calls this a “myth” and “phantasy” because a “modern man” does not exist, only many modern men who are very different among each other. Livi explains that the category of “modern man” is taken from what newspapers or the media say. But – so Livi - there is more inside the soul of a human being than what the ideology of “modern man” wants us to believe.

The “New Pentecost” Is Oppressive

Monsignor Livi points out that the neo-modernist pastoral practice since Vatican II has often been called – quote – “a new Pentecost”. But this turns fallible practical decisions into infallible doctrins. Therefore, in the eyes of the neo-modernists, everybody who criticises their wrong pastoral practice commits a sacrilege and must be oppressed.