viernes, 5 de enero de 2018

Best of the Vortex—Hating Your Mother (Michael Voris)

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When it gets down to the nitty gritty details of the Faith, you can bet on the Church of Nice crowd to fall absolutely silent. Their pathetic "reasonable hope all men are saved" argument falls totally flat when compared with authentic Catholicism.

That spiritual insanity fails to properly comprehend the truths of God, Hell, sin, and free will, as well as some other Catholic truths. They simply do not want to admit the supernatural realities, the stakes that are being played for in the spiritual warfare that all the saints spoke so eloquently and magnificently about.

When God said to the serpent, "I will put enmity between you and the Woman, between your offspring and hers," just who exactly does the Church of Nice think God was referring to when He spoke of the offspring of Satan? They don't even consider this question. That's what happens when you dismiss Hell as just "a real possibility."

The problem is that for them, the possibility of someone going to Hell is so miniscule, so "can’t happen in a million years," that it can be easily dismissed in their catechesis and evangelization efforts. For the record, Our Blessed Lord did not dismiss it so easily. So let's look at an authentic understanding and consider the reality that Church of Nicers don't want to.

Every soul who is damned was, while on earth, someone's husband, mother, wife, son, uncle or grandson — someone. They had relationships with all kinds of people, people for whom they had an earthly love and affection and who loved and cared for them in return. That's part of human nature, even fallen human nature.

But what happens to those bonds when a person is damned? Let's take the adult son who dies in mortal sin owing to his sins of the flesh, whatever variety they might be — adultery, fornication, cohabitation, homosexuality, promiscuity, masturbation, lust and so forth. Those ties with whom he loved and cared for here on earth are immediately and eternally broken and turn into everlasting hatred for those people.

He is now confirmed forever as a "son of Satan," so to speak, a slave to the diabolical. He now is incapable of anything but authentic hate, a hate so deep that there is actually a different word for it: enmity. Enmity carries with it the understanding of not just hatred, but bearing ill will toward others, wishing for their demise, odium, loathing. This becomes for the damned the sentiment toward everything and everyone. They have willfully cut themselves off from everlasting life by their rejection of Christ in this life.

So in the next, they become completely the offspring of Satan, not biologically, of course, but even more powerfully, in spirit. God said He would put enmity between Satan and the Woman and between their two families of offspring. The damned hate God, they hate the Blessed Virgin Mary, and they hate their own earthly family and friends, most especially those who are in Heaven.

So if our sample sexually perverse son is damned and his mother is saved, he will hate her, and there will never be any going back from it because his reality is sealed forever at the point of death. He will have an everlasting loathing for her, no matter what his feelings may have been for her in this life. Our Blessed Lord made quick work of any appeal to earthly family when it stood in the way of salvation.

He said He came to bring the sword, that families would war with each other over him, that no one is saved based on his DNA or familial relationships, despite the Jewish leaders appealing to Abraham as their father. Our Lord rightfully pointed out that their father was the devil. Notice the use of the word "father."

Earthly relationships are not heavenly relationships. Even marriage, no matter how life-giving and spiritually beneficial it may have been in this life, comes to an end at the point of death. Our family in Heaven will be those with whom we are brothers and sisters in Christ, not those whom we might have shared biological DNA with on earth. Spiritual DNA will be the tie that binds.

And what of the relationship between the mother in Heaven and her son in Hell? It is almost impossible for us to wrap our heads around this, but she will not be mourning him or feel the slightest degree of sadness or longing for him. His father will be the devil, and her father will be God — and it will be as such for life everlasting.

In fact, various Doctors of the Church pointed out that the punishment meted out to her former son will be seen by her and rejoiced over by her as a manifestation of the justice of God. When the great thunderous cheer of final victory goes up on the Last Day from the elect as they are ascending to Heaven and the damned are falling into Hell, of course there will be many, many people on opposite sides who knew each other in this life and were even related. The cheer will resound from the saved, and one dynamic of that cheer will be that the damned are manifesting the justice of Almighty God.

This kind of stuff must be talked about because this is the final, ultimate reality. There will be a Last Day, a final accounting, and the reward and punishment of everlasting life or death. It is terrifying to think that someone we may have loved here on earth we will view entirely differently in the blinding light of the illumination of God. We will no longer see them as son or mother or daughter. We will see them as God sees them — as a human who has the devil as their father — and the saved will be perfectly conformed to Almighty God and will see them in the same light. The damned will be forgotten forever by the saved. Except for being a manifestation of God’s justice, they will have no regard for them.

This is how evangelization and catechesis needs to be done — the whole blinding, terrifying, glorious truth — so that we can be correctly motivated by the truth, not by our emotions. The goal is to save souls, not feel good about ourselves and experience an emotional high.

Michael Voris