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The Amazon is not a Place of Divine Revelation

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The Amazon is not a Place of Divine Revelation

English-born Father John Hunwicke, an Oxford scholar and former Anglican, is very concerned about the working document of the Amazon Synod. In an interview with, he criticized the basic idea of the working document, according to which the Amazon region is a special place from which Mother Earth would speak to the Church.

The Christian foundation distorted

Hunwicke points out that the idea of a preaching Mother Earth contradicts the doctrine of original sin which says that people were expelled from the Garden of Eden because of the sin of Adam and Eve. God never promised to create a new Garden of Eden that would speak to the world or to the Church. For Hunwicke the Mother Earth idea is not just one heresy among many, although that would be bad enough. Rather, this theory completely rewrites the entire grammar of Christianity, the basic narrative of creation in the book of Genesis.

Amazon romanticism at the desk in the big city

Hunwicke compares the working document of the Amazon Synod with the idyllic poems of Ancient Greece or with the Latin poetry of Vergil where people from the city living in the context of an urbanized culture are dreaming of a nature in which nothing unpleasant ever happens and in which shepherds sing romantic songs from morning to night. Similarly, Hunwicke sees the working document of the Amazon Synod, in which metropolitan intellectuals invent exciting ideas about the Amazon region.

The malice will again be in the footnotes

Hunwicke fears that the history of the Synod on the Family will repeat itself and that "the evil" will be hidden in the footnotes as it happened in "Amoris Laetitia", the Apostolic Exhortation following the Family Synod. He does not expect that the exhortation following the Amazon Synod will be a frontal attack on the Christian faith. Instead, it is to be assumed that ambiguities and implicit statements will be used that could also be interpreted in an orthodox way. But Hunwicke counters that Roman bishops should not say things that can be interpreted in an orthodox way. They should teach the right Faith without ambiguity".