lunes, 1 de abril de 2019

WHAT ABOUT THEM? God wills that NO MAN be damned — even the homopredator priest.

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Something you never seem to hear in all the multi-faceted levels of conversation about the homopredator sex abuse crisis is this: What about the actual offenders themselves, the priests or bishops, who get caught and are either held up to ridicule or go to prison, like would surely be the case with Fr. Robert DeLand of Saginaw, Michigan, who pleaded no contest earlier this week to sexual assault of a 17 year old?

These men, as despicable as their actions have been, as twisted and deformed as their priesthoods have become, are still human beings made in the image and likeness of Almighty God.

God does not want to see them damned. He died for them as well. But how incredibly telling is it that their own homosexual hive completely abandons them once they are caught and exposed.

These men die. They are brought before the throne of Almighty God dripping with horrible evil wickedness, and it's a safe bet that nowhere along the line did any of their fellow homosexual priests or bishops — who are as guilty as they are — lift one finger of concern to prepare them for death.

Of course, those men don't believe, so it's understandable that they wouldn't.

The very people, their brother clerics, who participated to whatever degree in their sins, now kick them to the curb and care nothing for the only thing they have left — the possibility of salvation.

Their accomplices, whether it was with children or adults, used and abused them, curried favor with them, promoted them, ran with them, encouraged them, and now that they are sitting behind bars, they are no longer useful to them.

They were participants in their sin and while they could mutually serve each other's needs, everything was fine. But the moment they were no longer useful, they completely abandoned them.

We, of course, have no way of knowing what goes through the mind of a sexually abusive homopredator priest once he is exposed and sometimes imprisoned, but what a tragedy if, while even sitting in prison, he does not repent.

Such was the case of the landmark case involving Boston priest Fr. John Geoghan, the case which broke open the whole homoclerical abuse scandal back in 2002, exposed in The Boston Globe.

He eventually went to prison in early 2002 for sexual assault involving more than 130 boys. A year and half later, he attempted to sexually assault fellow inmate Joseph Druce.

That proved to be fatal. Druce strangled the former priest to death, and the prison surveillance video of guards responding was smuggled onto YouTube. Geoghan was in prison for about 18 months before being murdered. Did anyone care enough about his soul to try and get him to repent?

Did any of the other multiple homosexual predator priests visit him and help him get right with God? Did the archdiocese of Boston do anything privately to try and prepare him to be spirited into eternity?

No Catholic ever wants to see Satan win any soul under any circumstances whatsoever. The truth is the homosexual hive loves only themselves, individually. They love neither God nor neighbor.

As horrid and spiritually putrid the men are who have committed these spiritual and physical atrocities, God still wills that they be saved.

But their homoclerical buddies who, again, condoned, approved and even participated in their evil but managed to avoid getting caught, they don't give a damn.

No one was around these men trying to help them. No one would say anything, correct them, do anything, all because they were profiting privately and simply didn't love enough.

What an evil, wicked lot these men are. Having destroyed bodies and minds here on earth, they have absolutely zero concern, even for one of their own, in the next world.

Michael Voris