sábado, 18 de noviembre de 2017

¿Quiere terminar el papa Francisco igual que los anglicanos? (Gloria TV)

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The Anglican Church of Canada has been in denial for nearly two decades about the direction it has been going and may face collapse, writes David Virtue on the Anglican

Virtue names the three horsemen of the Anglican – and Catholic – apocalypse: interfaithery, focus on a plethora of social justice issues coupled with a failure to preach the gospel and the faith, and sodomite marriage. Virtue adds: “Promoting same sex marriage and participating in queer parades has not filled pews, and never will.”

The Anglican Church’s recipe for failure exposed by Virtue is the same the Bergoglio Church is about to embrace: no longer believing the Bible on issues like sexuality and adapting the views to the zeitgeist. No new young people come along because the Church says the same as the cell phone apps, Ipad news or twitter accounts.

According to Virtue, the Anglican Church has lost its way, has no discernible mission or ministry goals, talks endlessly about justice but says nothing about righteousness. Rather than "make disciples of all nations" the Anglican mission has become "observe similarities with all religions".

For Virtue, the Canadian Anglicans are on a kamikaze mission of self-destruction because of their will to promote pansexuality and to destroy its withering orthodox wing. Quote, “There is no mercy for those whose only desire is to preach the gospel, but there is lots of leeway, indeed adulation, if you wish to participate in unbiblical sexual behaviors.”

One 2018 budget item of the Canadian Anglicans is the hiring of two new full-time suicide prevention workers. Virtue adds, “No one is entertaining the possibility that the denomination itself might need to hire a full-time suicide prevention watch bishop to prevent the inevitable.”