martes, 25 de junio de 2019

Father John F. O'Connor warned about Card. Bernardin and was punished

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Chicago Cardinal Blaise Cupich kept secret series of documents revealing that the late Chicago Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, a hardcore Modernist, was reported to have abused minors, male seminarians and other adults. According to Church Militant, citing anonymous sources, Cupich who owes his career to Cardinal McCarrick, is now being investigated by state authorities because he failed to reveal these facts. Not surprisingly, Pope Francis chose Cupich as the head of the February abuse summit in the Vatican.

The documents obtained by Church Militant reveal that the Chicago Archdiocese, then Pro-Nuncio to the United States, Archbishop Cacciavillan, and the Vatican Secretary of State were informed of the allegations against Bernardin. But the Vatican didn’t open an inquiry, also because Bernardin was protected by the liberal oligarch media. Commentators on who studied in Rome confirm that Bernardin's pajama parties for young priests were well known. Even’s Father Reto Nay heard at the time about them.

The American Dominican, Father John F. O'Connor, revealed already in the early 90's Bernardine's sexual abuses. As a result, O'Connor was dismissed from the Dominican order and suspended because - quote – "he harmed the reputation of the Central Province, the whole Dominican Order and the Church with his accusations against Bernardin." His superiors even wanted to force him to undergo a psychiatric treatment, but O’Connor refused. Obviously, his revelations were also ignored by the oligarch media who at the time were promoting sexual contacts between adults and minors.

Bernardin was the leading modernist in the U.S. He was in charge of the assignment of bishops during many years of the pontificate of John Paul II. Church Militant concludes that the Catholic Church in America, as it is now constituted, was designed and engineered by not one but two homosexuals, Cardinal McCarrick and Cardinal Bernardin. They promoted many corrupt priests to the episcopacy. Many of them are still serving in senior posts.

One year ago, reported that the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin called Bernardin during a Mass in the Italian home-town of his parents, "the great Joseph Bernardin." Parolin went on claiming that Bernardin was a "great shepherd but then, above all, he suffered so much."